Web Shows

Below are some videogame related webshows that I highly recommend. If there is a show you’re aware of that I have not listed. Feel free to let me know so I can add it.

Shows Based on Videogames

The Guild Logo This show is about the exploits of an MMO guild. While they did try to keep things rather generic, it’s fairly obvious which game this was inspired by.
ThereWillBeBrawl This show is fairly dark. It’s based on latest installment of the Super Smash Brother’s games. It has all your favorites as the Mario Brothers are lead on a tale of murder and deception.
LegendofNeilLogo This is about a man named neil who finds himself in hyrule. Desperate to get home it seems he’ll have to rescue princess zelda to leave.

Shows that Review Videogames

AVGN_LOGO_collage In this show an Irrate gamer talks about old videogames and systems. He talks about why even in their day these games drove players crazy.
seondtimearoundlogo In this show Tirade takes a look at games you can find on the discount shelf in stores and gives the pros/cons of them. I’ll admit I’m biased to this one since it’s done by a personal friend of mine.

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