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War Storm by Challenge Games

January 31, 2010

Publisher Challenge Games
Platform Facebook
Multi-account No
Type Collectible card game
Initial Review Date 1/30/10
Last Updated 1/30/10
FAQ Official FAQ
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If you enjoy playing CCGs like magic or pokemon you’re probably going to enjoy this game quite a bit. The best way to describe it is as a CCG war game. That is the Classic game of WAR in a CCG format. This is because the only real control you have over the action is during the deck building phase. Once you start a game against an opponent everything is
completely automated. Even so, it’s still a fun game.

In the game your deck consists of one or more squads. Each squad consists of 1 Hero card and 6 other cards all of which must either match the Hero”s faction or be usinversal cards. However, you can use  multiple squads of  different factions to create your final “deck”.

There are 3 basic types of cards in the game, they are as follows

  • Units: These are creatures that fight on your behalf. Each one has a creature type, speed rating, attack rating and health. Creatures also may have one or more special abilities each of which is clearly explained and can be displayed by clicking on the card (regardless where it is or whose it is).
  • Artifacts: In general these cards act as equipment which enhance a troop card.The artifact will always attach it’s self to the first creature in line and if that creature dies the artifact goes with it.
  • Spells: In general these cards cause temporary effects to occur. For example 1 spell deals 4 damage to a single target and is then discarded. Some spells have the special ability “animated” which means it has a chance of returning to your hand after it’s been cast.

How many and which type of cards you can use depend completely on your commander. This is represented by the circles which appear in the upper right hand side of the card. For example. The followig card

allows you to use 5 units, 1 artifact and 0 spells. So far as I can tell these 3 will always add up to 6, so basically  you can use artifacts and spells at the expense of units.

Getting started

To start with the tutorial does a really good job of stepping you though the game. Also, you get free cards for completing each of the novice missions. This is great since it allows you to save a fair amount of silver. Once you’ve beaten the final novice tutorial mission I would recommend checking out the single card and advanced card boosters. This is because these are where the good cards will be found. The novice boosters while cheap are pretty limited. They’re good if you don’t feel you have enough cards to make choices, but you’ll never get any of the really good cards buying novice booster packs.

Of course, in order to buy these cards you will need plenty of cash. This money can be earned most easily by fighting other players. Each PVP (player vs player) fight will earn you silver even if you lose. Also, once you win 3 fights you’ll get a 1000 silver bonus. In this way you have a nice alternative to earn money when the missions get too hard for you to beat. Sometimes you just don’t have the right type or enough of the right type of cards to beat the challenges presented.

Multiple Accounts

At this time, there are no benefits to having multiple accounts for this game. However, I have noticed a number of my cards specifically specify that they can not be traded. So, perhaps at some point in the future you will be able to trade cards with other players. Once you’re able to do this having mulitple accounts will be extremely beneficial as you would then be able to buy cards from your alternate account and then send them to your primary account in exchange for some card you don’t plan on ever using or that you have extra duplicates of.