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Zoo World – Infinite Money

February 4, 2010

I was rather shocked at this exploit. not so much that it exists but how remarkably simple it is. I would not be surprised if this is corrected in the near future. But for now it works and so for now all you need is time to make all the money you could ever want in this game.

To start with, go to the Visit zoo screen

click on the ticket booth to change your ticket price.

Alter the price one step down from your current price and then click the ok button

You will immediately gain money equal to your current daily profit

Repeat until you have all the money you want

I’m really surprised this was not caught by the development team. I guess it’s just that when you’re normally changing ticket prices you’re not looking at your current money and since you normally get money every 5 minutes it’s easy to over look the fact that you just gained a “zoo day’s worth” of cash instantly.

Part 1: Zoo World by Rockyou
Part 2: Zoo World – Infinite Money

Zoo World by Rockyou

February 4, 2010

Publisher Rockyou
Platform Facebook
Multi-account Yes
Type Simulation
Initial Review Date 2/3/2010
Last Updated 2/3/2010
FAQ Official FAQ
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In this game you run a virtual zoo. As you add animals you attract more people and sell more tickets. More money means you can buy more animals and so forth. This game is clearly still being developed and is some what unusual in it’s format as a result. Surprisingly the entire game can be played without ever visiting your zoo. Given that the visit zoo tab takes you into what appears to the the “main game” this is odd. As it is, aside from looking at and arranging your zoo there’s very little you can do from this screen and from what I can tell it is purely cosmetic. After all, you don’t even have to actually place your animals in order to earn money from them. I guess people are willing to pay for the “idea” that you own a bunch of exotic animals. Whether they see them or not isn’t important.

To advance in the main game, for the most part you just want to keep on accomplishing whatever goals are listed on the top of the screen from your “home” tab These can be anything from buying trash cans to having 16 small mammals. The shopping tab is pretty straightforward but if you’re not sure where you need to go to buy something for an accomplishment, you will be given a link or hint explaining where or what you need to do.

In any case you earn money based on what your current ticket price is set to versus how many people visit your zoo and your current rating. As you add animals the number of people you attract increases. The rarer the animal the bigger the increase is. Of course the more animals you have the more support items you will need to maintain your high rating. If you don’t purchase these support buildings then your rating will suffer and you will make less money. It’s a good idea every time you buy an animal to see if you can increase ticket prices. Most of the time you will make less money at the higher ticket price (due to chasing people away) but every now and then you will make more money at the new higher level. Doing this you can progressively charge more and more money for tickets to see your zoo.

There are a number of other features in the game that are secondary, but do help add to the over all game. They are as follows

Visiting Friends: what FB game would be complete without the ability to visit your friends who are also playing the game? Visiting a friend earns you money based on your level. Finding the “hidden treasure” in your friend’s zoo will net you an additional cash depending on how high level your friend is. This can be quite profitable if you have a lot of friends. To find the treasure you need to click on animals in your friend’s zoo till you find it. This means that low level friends who only have 3-4 animals are the best kind to have since you can rapidly find your cash and get out. High level friends who have 40-50 animals however probably just aren’t worth the effort.

Hiring Friends: You can hire your friends as zookeepers. This is something you want to do as much as possible since it’s free. As you get more and more animals you will be required to have a certain number of zoo keepers. These keepers get progressively more expensive as well. However, any of your friends who are already playing the game can be added as zookeepers. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of limits on this, so hire all of your friends and then you shouldn’t have to worry about needing zookeepers for awhile (depending on how many friends you have of course!)

Training Birds: There are some birds that can be trained to learn tricks. As your bird learns more tricks the graphic will change. This otherwise seems to have no purpose but to act as a place to spend money.

Breeding Animals: Certain animals can be breed. These are generally your 3 star rare animals. Since the rarity of your animals directly affects how much money you make I guess this was done to help curb your income. Basically you hit the breed button and you will be given a time frame. Then when that time frame runs up you need to go back and “feed” the new born animal or else you lose it. Of course to help prevent this you can authorize the game to automatically post to your wall so that your friends can feed the animal instead. It would be nice if some of the farming games gave you this option for crops 😛

Racing Eagles: Your eagles specifically can be raced. You are  given 1 race per “zoo day” up to a maximum of 10 races. To race you pickand name an eagle. Then you pick an opponent to race against. Depending on your success you earn rocks. These rocks grant you a speed bonus. Additionally, the rocks can be combined into more powerful rocks at a rate of 3 to 1.

Additional Tips

  • To do the missions that require you to have X number of visitors, go temporarily set your ticket price to $1. This should boost your visitor number to the required level. Once achieved you can set your ticket price back to it’s original level.
  • To do the missions that require you to have X number of a certain type of animal, look to see what the cheapest animal of that type is and buy a whole bunch of them. keep in mind that even if it’s not an animal you particularly like you don’t have to display them in your zoo if you don’t want to.
  • You only  make money when the game is running, so an easy way to make a bunch of money is to let it run in the background while you do other things. It does have a built in timer that needs to be reset every hour or so, but it’s amazing how much money you can make in a few hours just having it run in the background.

Part 1: Zoo World by Rockyou
Part 2: Zoo World – Infinite Money