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Mobsters 2 Vendetta – Hack a Secure Account

January 6, 2010

Ok, I want to start by saying this mission sucks. For the most part the rewards do not reflect how much of a pain it is to master. So, what are the rewards?  Well, as with the other mini game missions you get an item for getting a perfect score. Additionally, this is not indicated by the mission. What you get is the following item.

that’s right, it’s a mission item.

Not only that but it’s one that can be acquired from doing the “loot a warehouse” mission. What’s more unlike that mission this one only gives you one per completion. Granted it’s guaranteed that you’ll get a laptop but this is still pretty lame. You don’t even get a remarkable item for getting platinum mastery. This mission would be a complete bust except you do get skill points at every mastery level. It’s better then nothing but I felt like I didn’t really have much to show for the effort of mastering this mission.

Playing the Game

Ok, so just how does this game work? Well, when you start it up you are presented with the following screen

Basically, you are given 6 letters which must be used to create 21 to 22 different words. You are given some help though. As you can see there is an indication of how many 3,4,5 and 6 letter words there are. Not only that but each grouping is in alphabetical order. So, once you’ve input all of the obvious words you can pick apart what is left to figure out at least the 1st two letters if not more of the word you’re looking for.

Another helpful hint the game gives you is it allows you to shuffle the letters. there is a chance (though small) that you could end up shuffling the letters into the word you’re after. At the very least this can help you see words that you’d previously overlooked.

So, what if you’re still struggling in this game? Is there any surefire way to get every word every time? Well, actually there is if you don’t mind cheating that is.

How to cheat

So, once you’re fed up doing this game the “right way” you’ll probably just want to get it over with as fast as possible.

There is an excellent website that has a number of cheats… er “tools” for word games. The one we’re interested in for this word game is the tool Words in a word.

To use this tool you’ll want to open it up in a separate screen and arrange your screens so that it looks roughly like this

Next you’ll want to grab the little pull down menu that says 4 and change it to a 3. This pull down limits the smallest words that will be displayed. Since we are interested in 3 letter words and bigger we’re changing it to a 3. Keep in mind that because it defaults to 4 you’ll need to make this change every time you use it.

Now start the mission. Once you have your 6 letters type them into the text box and hit the Show Words button. The tool will then immediately display every single possible word. I’ve noticed that often there are more then 21 words listed. This is part of what makes this game so challenging. It’s easy to know words that are not recognized by the game which can be pretty frustrating.

Now, click back on the mobsters game and type away. I suggest typing carefully though. It’s easy to accidentally mistype a word without realizing you’ve done so thanks to the game telling you “that’s not a word” so many times. Also, it’s helpful to type them out sequential order to be sure you haven’t missed any. There were several occasions when I got though the entire list only to find that I had all but one word. Then I had to go back and figure out what I missed before time ran out. Every time the missing word was one on the list. Thankfully, you get the same reward even if you get all but one, though in a way it just goes to show how much this game is wasting your time.

Anyway, when done correctly you should be presented with the following messages

now you can get all the laptops you’ll ever want… whoopee! :/

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Mobsters 2 Vendetta – Destroy a Transfer

November 27, 2009

Ok, now this mission is a little more difficult then the previous two. While you do get a whooping $71,865 to deal with the faster traffic even buying 5 of the most expensive unit isn’t enough to stop the final boss.

Of course, is the mission worth it? Well, that’s debatable, the item you get is this.

Which is certainly worth a few favor points to get, but not much more then that. Yeah you read that right this mission requires a favor point every time you do it. Additionally, you only get the above item once so the only reason to keep doing this mission after you get it is to master the zone. But it seems pretty messed up to me that you’re required to spend a bunch of favor points just to maser an area.

Oh well, so, we now turn our attention to a unit that previously hasn’t been useful, the stop sign crews. Their stats are as follows.

Unit Name Total Cost Attack Speed Range
Road Crew 2250 0 1 104
Work Crew 3750 0 1 104
Cleanup Crew 6000 0 1 208

Right away we can see that if you’re going to use this unit you don’t want to use the Work Crew since it’s more expensive but is otherwise identical to the Road Crew. What this unit does is slow down all traffic in the squares it affects. This means that any unit that can attack those squares will get to attack more often, thus allowing them to do more damage
overall. Previously, because of their high cost it really wasn’t worth it. When it comes to this mission though, the final boss is tough enough to require the use of this unit.

So, the units you want to use are as follows

Unit Name Quantity
Thug 3
Hitman 3
Sniper 1
Russian Merc. 4
Cleanup Crew 1

The reason I go ahead and use a cleanup crew is so that every square my mercs can hit is covered, thus maximizing the damage of my highest damage units. As I said the stop sign crews are basically damage increasers. So to get maximum use out of them make sure all of your units hit squares are covered by them.

This is a configuration I’ve found that works for this mission. They could probably be positioned slightly better but I didn’t feel like spending a bunch of favor points to figure out their optimal positions.
First you’ll want to place the unit labeled with a 1 and upgrade him all the way. Then go ahead and advance all of the waves so you’ll get the maximum bonus. After this place and upgrade all of the 2s, then the 3, then finally the sniper labeled 4. After this you can place and upgrade the remaining units at your leisure.

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Mobsters 2 Vendetta – Disrupt a Shipment

November 10, 2009


This mission is the same basic game play as the “Destroy a Convoy” mission. However, the enemies are a bit quicker and overall you get less money. Like the other mission though. Getting a high enough score will earn you a permanent boost item. This time around you get this


So, just how much money are we talking?

Well, if you advance all of the waves right away the most money you can spend is $16,505. I’ve found that with this money the following seems to be the most effective combo.

Unit Quantity
Thug 3
Hitman 3
Sniper 2

This leaves you with $5 at the end. I know it might seem pretty boring to just use the Thug and it’s upgrades, but the thug is the most efficient unit. That is he does the most damage for how much money you spend. Only the fully upgraded machine-gun unit is better (the russian merc). Unfortunately, because of how little money you get he simply isn’t practical. I was able to complete the mission using one but I was unable to duplicate that result. The above configuration however, I’ve gotten to work every time. So, certainly there are other ways to complete this mission, but I find this combo to be the easiest to implement.

Where do you put them?

This is the basic arrangement. I’ve found it pays to place the sniper first (that is place a thug and then upgrade him to a sniper). Then advance all of the waves. After doing this you can then place the remaining units at your leisure, upgrading them as you see fit. It seems to work best though to upgrade the final sniper last as he is quite expensive.

So, below place and upgrade the unit with a “1” next to him, first.

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Mobsters 2 Vendetta – Attack a Convoy

November 5, 2009


This particular mission is basically a very simplified tower defense game. As with games of this type the object is to destroy all of the enemies along the path.

To this end you can purchase 3 units, each of which can be upgraded.  To upgrade a unit click on a previously placed unit and click the upgrade button. The units are as follows

Unit Name Total Cost Atk Spd Rng
Thug 300 40 1 104
Hitman 1200 160 1 104
Sniper 6000 400 1 312
Gangbanger 800 20 2 104
Bodyguard 2500 70 2 130
Russian Merc. 13800 570 3.5 156
RPG 1000 35 0.5 156
Bazooka 4000 130 0.5 208
Anti-Tank 12000 500 0.5 260

It should be noted that speed represents how many attacks per second that unit gets. So the higher the number the faster your unit will attack.

Now, there are some approaches you can take which give varying degrees of success. The most basic layout that will allow you to destroy the truck at the end looks like this


However, this arrangement will give you the highest score possible without rewarding you with the specialty item. Yep, you read that right. If you get a high enough score then you’ll get the following item


How do I raise my score?

You’ll notice in the lower right hand corner a button that says “next wave” what this button does is it forces the next group of enemies to come regardless of how many of the current wave have been destroyed. Each time you click this button you’ll score bonus points for destroying the truck.

Ideally, you’ll want to rapidly click this button at the onset of the first wave in order to maximize your score. Of course if you do this you’ll need to act fast and have a plan in mind of what units you want to put where. Also, keep in mind that you do not get any points for how much money you have left over. So feel free to spend it all.

So, lets look at each of the units in terms of what you get for your money. For total damage we will assume that you are attacking a single unit. Since this is relevant to the final boss which is the most difficult unit to kill.

Unit Name Total Sqrs Total Dmg Total dmg/Cost
Thug 7 280 0.9333
Hitman 7 1120 0.9333
Sniper 25 10000 1.666
Gangbanger 7 280 0.35
Bodyguard 9 1260 0.504
Russian Merc. 16 31920 2.31
RPG 16 280 0.28
Bazooka 16 1040 0.26
Anti-Tank 23 5750 0.48

It should be noted that while the rocket type units do damage to multiple squares, the other units attack quickly enough that they are adequate when it comes to dealing with multiple waves. Also, I do not list the stop sign crews because they only increase the effectiveness of other units. If you’re doing a group of nothing but bazzokas one or two of these can be useful. Otherwise they really aren’t needed.

Taken at normal speed you will receive a total of  $35770, however accelerating the rate at which the waves come decreases the amount you receive for that wave by about half.  Advancing all of the waves leaves you with  $17,770. Assuming we only have the later amount of money to work with the best break down is as follows

Unit Name Quantity
Thug 1
Hitman 3
Russian Merc. 1

Now, keep in mind there are plenty of other arrangements that will work. But I feel that this gives you a good mixture. Also, taking the waves slower will result in larger amounts of cash to work with.

Where should I put units?

This was already taken into consideration when I figured out # of squares. But here are some placement principles to keep in mind

Internal corners are good and external corners are bad.


as you can see in the picture the unit is on an internal corner and it can hit 7 squares.


In this picture the same unit is on an external corner and it can only hit 3 squares.


for comparison here is the same unit on a straight section. Here 5 squares can be hit.

This means that in order of preference you should place units on internal corners, followed by straight sections and then finally in external corners if there are no other options.

Of course if one internal corner is good, then 2 internal corners are even better.


What’s the best arrangement?

Just as multiple combinations of units will work there are a number of placements that will work as well. Below is my preferred arrangement. Which will win you the recipe


Units with a 1 next to them should be placed first and then the others should be added as you have the money to do so.

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Mobsters 2 Vendetta – Weapon Costs

October 2, 2009


So, I’ve been looking into the various weapons you can get in mobsters 2. Primarily my focus has been gearing up my mob of 500 as effectively as possible. So, I’ve looked at weapons on a cost per bonus basis. For completeness I have included items that can not be purchased. If you’re wondering how to get more friends check out my article on the topic. In general the cheaper the better. Also in terms of cost effectiveness you should stock up in the following order –

  1. Melee
  2. Explosives
  3. Guns
  4. Armor
  5. Vehicles
  6. Henchmen

As this will allow you to maximize your money. However, for stocking up on guns I recommend doing the burglary mission over and over as one of the rewards is a gun. In the long run doing this can save you a considerable amount of money. Also keep in mind that items will be used in preference of your items offensive stat. So you may need to sell “lower” items to ensure that a high defense item gets used.

Keep in mind that the costs of these items change depending on what class you are as well as where you buy them. However, since these changes are a percentage applied to all items, their costs will not change in a meaningful way relative to each other.

I originally created a set of tables which contained the information I’ve been able to gather thus far. However, then I discovered this spreadsheet which is far more complete then what I had.  What I have found so far though is that the items in the game suffer a severe amount in terms of diminishing returns. That is that while the more expensive items have larger bonuses, you pay increasingly more money for those stats. So, if you have a large mob you’ll want to go with the cheapest stuff you’re willing to buy to maximize your results. Then of course over time you’ll want to switch in more powerful stuff as you can afford it.

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Mobsters 2 Vendetta – By Playdom

September 27, 2009


Publisher Playdom
Platform online
Multi-account yes
Type Social Empire
Initial Review Date 9/27/09
Last Updated 11/5/09
Files/Tools Full Item List

Territory Guide

Mobsters 2, is as the name indicates a sequal to the original mobsters game. Not surprisingly, this is really nothing more then a remake of the original game that includes many of the features now commonly found in other social empire games. The differences are as follows

  • Limited Territory Ownership: unlike the original game you are limited in terms of how many properties you can own. This drastically decreases the money making potential as you can’t simply keep on buying properties forever. I’m not sure if I care much for this but perhaps it addresses a flaw in the original game that players were exploiting.
  • Upgradable Properties: I guess to help offset the fact that you can’t purchase infinite amounts of properties some of the places you buy can be upgraded. This not only improves the income you get but often there is an extra benefit tied to the upgrade as well. Either giving you a static bonus to a stat (like +25 energy) or it improves the recovery rate of one of your stats. This means that you are required to make some decision about your properties instead of simply going after which one gives you the most money.
  • Money Caps on Property: Yet another feature that appears to be in place to prevent players from exploiting land. In the game each of your properties has a meter that slowly fills which represents how much money that land has made and each land has it’s own “fill rate” and maximum capacity. Once the meter is full,  you will no longer earn money for that property until you have collected what’s been made. This means that you can’t simply stop playing for a week and then come back with a couple million on hand. It also means that a land’s “capacity” is just as important a feature as how much is made on an hourly basis
  • Avatars: In the game you get an avatar you can setup. There aren’t very many options when you first make your character but it seems that some of the equipment items you get in the game are “wearable” allowing for higher level characters to look different from low level characters. There aren’t many items like this in the game though so in general what you see at character creation is what you get.
  • Selectable Classes: Instead of simply picking a class when you 1st start the game now classes are something you can earn and switch between. You can only switch once per level though, so it’s a decision that shouldn’t be made too lightly. Even so, if you make a mistake it’s easy to correct. The classes you get to pick from are still basically the same ones from the first game but each one has a number of variants you can unlock.
  • More Gear: unlike most social empire games you have more “types” of items you can use. This means that each member of your mob can be outfitted with more items meaning there is a larger discrepancy in power between large mobs and small mobs.
  • Smaller Mobs: perhaps to counter act the fact that each of your members can now be potentially more powerful, the zone you are in limits how many members of your mob you can use. So now you don’t have to invite 500 people just to keep up, you can get away with just having 4 friends.
  • Gifts: This is a fairly nice feature in the game. you can now send items to friends and vise versa, making it easier to fully outfit your mob in the beginning. Of course the gifts you can send are not just gear you can also send energy refills meaning even a level 1 player can send something useful to a level 50 player.
  • Different Zones: As previously mentioned in the game there are different areas you can travel to each of which has it’s own set of missions. Additionally, some items can only be purchased while you’re in specific zones. Also, as I mentioned before which zone you’re in determines how many members of your mob are allowed to be used in a fight.
  • Mission Mastery: As is becoming popular in social empire games each mission has it’s own “mastery bar”. Basically at each mastery level you get a reward (money, skill point, favor point, etc.) and the mission will “upgrade” each time you fill the bar. Often resulting in an increase in xp, money and/or energy to complete.

Overall, I’ve been impressed with the game. The interface is well done and the graphics and story keep the game more interesting and entertaining. I would recommend that you pay attention to the story missions. Not only so that you don’t miss the story but because often completing one prevents you from doing the other story mission, making it more like a decision. Essentially though you’ll be offered more money for one and more xp in the other.


These are just a few things I’ve noticed in the early game that I’ve found helpful to learn.

  • The quests that give items are often worth doing. The house burglary one in particular is extremely nice. Each time you do it you have a chance of finding a gun. Not only does the gun have good stats but it sells for a ton as well. This means you can outfit your mob with items that would normally be expensive but also have a ready supply of cash as well when you need it. I continue to do this mission for these reasons even though I’ve long since maxed out it’s mastery bar.
  • The gas station seems pretty worthless. You get very little money from it and it caps out way too quickly. Additionally there are no upgrades so I know that I will eventually be selling it off to replace it with something better. I would recommend saving and getting something else instead
  • Energy increases come in 10s, this means that it’s actually pretty useful to increase your energy levels if you don’t have an immediate need for other stats.
  • Nice items can be bought with the favor points you start with. Additionally, since one of the mastery rewards is a favor point you can pick up several of these items without having to spend real money. So don’t waste it on energy refills.
  • Attacking people is a good source of xp. You can easily get more xp from attacking someone then you would get from doing most of the missions that are open to you. I was able to reach level 10 in one day even without a mob just from attacking other players to supplement my mission xp. Just focus on the players who “lose often” until you have a clear advantage (like 5 mostly equipped mob members)
  • Don’t sell your bricks. They are an item you need later on for a mission in the downtown zone.

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