The Sims Freeplay – Infinte Life Points and Money

March 25, 2015


In the sims life points can be used to purchase high-end items as well as speeding up completion time of quests. Using this method I can gain as many life points as I want, it just depends on how much time I’m willing to put into it. What’s nice is that since this isn’t a cheat using this method will not risk your game in any way.

The Toast Factory

Step 1: Build a house that will be devoted entirely to the farming of life points. Basically you can just build an empty lot.

Step 2: Build a single room that is 6×18

Step 3: This will give you room to set up 6 stations consisting of (1 toaster, 1 oven and 3 Empty countertops) and 2 stations consisting of (1 toaster, 1 oven, 1 empty counter top and 1 sink).

Toast Factory 1

additional decorations can be added, but these are the basic things you’ll need. It should be noted that for this there is no difference between 1 star and 3 star appliances, so you can get away with buying cheap appliances for each of the stations.

Step 4: You will now want to send as many sims as you can muster to this location to cook. A maximum of 10 sims can be sent, but the factory can be operated with less, but you will gain life points slower.

Ideally you will want 8 sims cooking while 2 sims are on cleanup. (hence the two sinks)

Step 5: Get Life points. Ok, sure there’s slightly more to it than that, but not much. Once you have mastered the cooking hobby you will be given the option to collect all of the cooking items again and your reward for doing so? 5 life points. Additionally, the skill level of your sim no longer matters with regard to collecting items, this means that even a novice can receive the golden measuring spoons. Also, this is infinitely repeatable.

Toast only takes 1 minute to make and costs 5 simoleons, this means that with 8 sims all cooking at the same time you will reveal 8 items every minute. There are only a total of 18 items to collect. In theory you can complete the entire hobby in as little as 3 minutes. In practice though, you will collect all but a few of the items very quickly. After that it can sometimes take a while to get the last items.

In testing you have to cook 70 to 75 toast meals to collect all 18 items. This means that with 8 cooks constantly cooking you will net 5 life points every 10 minutes or so.

But don’t I lose money?

Actually, not only do you not lose money in the process, but you actually make money. This is because each time you collect an item you receive a simoleon reward. The reward varies depending on the level of the item. The rewards are as follows.


Simfrees Rewards
Level Bronze Silver Gold
1 25 50 150
2 25 80 250
3 50 100 275
4 75 200 500
5 500 500 500
6 500 500 500

This means that each time you complete the hobby you get 4,780 simoleons. This is of course not taking into account that as cooks skill up, you also get xp, money and a life point. Even taking into account a cost of 5 per dish and having to make 75 dishes, you only end up spending 375 simoleons.

So, in the end, every 10 minutes you will not only net 5 life points, but earn 4,400 simoleons as well.

I will point out that in order to do this, you basically have 8 sims that are devoted to cooking. The two clean up sims can have whatever hobby you wish as all they are doing is constantly washing dishes. Also, this method requires your constant attention. But, if you want to grind out 30 life points real quick you can do so in an hour, thus making all of the timed quests easily accomplished.





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