Organ Trail by The Men who Wear Many Hats

July 13, 2011

Publisher The Men who Wear Many Hats
Platform Facebook
Multi-account No
Type Educational/Adventure/Zombie Horror
Initial Review Date 7/12/11
Last Updated 7/12/11
Click here to Play

Do you remember the old classic game Oregon trail?

It was one of those educational type games that was supposed to teach you about the early days of the united states. When people moved in mass across the continent in covered wagons to carve out a new life on the west coast. In that game you took control of a family who was moving to Oregon.

Organ trail is a new twist on this old game. This game takes place during a modern day zombie apocalypse. You are the leader of a small group of survivors that is trying to make its way to safety. Safety however can only be found in one place, in the city of new haven located in Oregon.

This wouldn’t be so bad except you’re stuck in New York and most of the northern Midwest has been nuked. This means you’ll need to load up a station wagon with supplies and drive in a roundabout path to Oregon.


Though the setting is different it holds true to the original game in a lot of ways. You have a number of resources you have to manage during your trip. Spare parts for the car, gasoline, food, ammo, medical supplies and cash.

Like the original game you can control pace and food rationing. A faster pace puts more risk to the car and fatigues the passengers. Less food results in health loss each day. Health is recovered by resting and using medical supplies.

There are obviously new twists to the game appropriate to the setting. One hazard you have to watch out for is infection. People in your group can and will become infected with the zombie virus. At that point you have the decision of killing them off or letting them continue with you. Why would you not kill them off? because you get more points at the end of the game if you don’t. So, keeping them around is a gamble, since they could turn.

The game feels and plays like an old 386 game, which could make it less appealing to younger players who never played the original. The music is original 8-bit songs that are well done.


It is a lot of fun to play but I think the game suffers in replay value. Just like the original game, after you beat it you can try again to get a higher score but there isn’t much reason otherwise.

Something nice about the game is that the in-game help is actually helpful and the advice you’re given is fairly reasonable without really detracting from the game. You’re given hints not step by step instructions.


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