Zoo World – Infinite Money

February 4, 2010

I was rather shocked at this exploit. not so much that it exists but how remarkably simple it is. I would not be surprised if this is corrected in the near future. But for now it works and so for now all you need is time to make all the money you could ever want in this game.

To start with, go to the Visit zoo screen

click on the ticket booth to change your ticket price.

Alter the price one step down from your current price and then click the ok button

You will immediately gain money equal to your current daily profit

Repeat until you have all the money you want

I’m really surprised this was not caught by the development team. I guess it’s just that when you’re normally changing ticket prices you’re not looking at your current money and since you normally get money every 5 minutes it’s easy to over look the fact that you just gained a “zoo day’s worth” of cash instantly.

Part 1: Zoo World by Rockyou
Part 2: Zoo World – Infinite Money


  1. A simple solution to making money is use Firefox and the ‘reload every’ plugin to keep your zoo going all day and all night. Set it to reload every 10 minutes or so and adjust the ticket price to maximize your max profit. My zoo is worth $200M+ and I’ve got like $350M in my bank.

  2. Does not work

    • your the second person to have difficulty with it. I haven’t been able to track down the exact source of why my game is behaving the way it is. All I can say is that it absolutely works for me. But it doesn’t seem to work for everyone :/

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