My Town – City Building Stats

January 13, 2010

I had talked earlier about the city buildings you can buy in the game and how they can be generally ignored. Below you can see why. They take up a large amount of space, don’t earn you any money and with the exception of the gas station cost a lot of money given how much experience they give.  In any case what follows is a table listing all of these values.

Building Name Cost Xp Gained Cost Per Xp*
Gas Station 100 25 2
Supermarket 200 35 2.86
Town Hall 350 50 3.5
Grade School 500 60 4.17
Fire Station 750 65 5.77
Library 1500 75 10
High School 2000 80 12.5
Zoo 5000 120 20.83
Police Station 10000 150 33.33
Hospital 25000 250 50
University 10000 500 10
Graveyard 16 Cash 500 n/a
Nuclear Power Plant 16 Cash 500 n/a
Football Stadium 25 Cash 1250 n/a
Great Pyramid 25 Cash 1250 n/a

*This represents how much money you would spend per point of xp if you purchased the building and immedately sold it again, as per the previously discussed power leveling strategy.

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