Mobsters 2 Vendetta – Hack a Secure Account

January 6, 2010

Ok, I want to start by saying this mission sucks. For the most part the rewards do not reflect how much of a pain it is to master. So, what are the rewards?  Well, as with the other mini game missions you get an item for getting a perfect score. Additionally, this is not indicated by the mission. What you get is the following item.

that’s right, it’s a mission item.

Not only that but it’s one that can be acquired from doing the “loot a warehouse” mission. What’s more unlike that mission this one only gives you one per completion. Granted it’s guaranteed that you’ll get a laptop but this is still pretty lame. You don’t even get a remarkable item for getting platinum mastery. This mission would be a complete bust except you do get skill points at every mastery level. It’s better then nothing but I felt like I didn’t really have much to show for the effort of mastering this mission.

Playing the Game

Ok, so just how does this game work? Well, when you start it up you are presented with the following screen

Basically, you are given 6 letters which must be used to create 21 to 22 different words. You are given some help though. As you can see there is an indication of how many 3,4,5 and 6 letter words there are. Not only that but each grouping is in alphabetical order. So, once you’ve input all of the obvious words you can pick apart what is left to figure out at least the 1st two letters if not more of the word you’re looking for.

Another helpful hint the game gives you is it allows you to shuffle the letters. there is a chance (though small) that you could end up shuffling the letters into the word you’re after. At the very least this can help you see words that you’d previously overlooked.

So, what if you’re still struggling in this game? Is there any surefire way to get every word every time? Well, actually there is if you don’t mind cheating that is.

How to cheat

So, once you’re fed up doing this game the “right way” you’ll probably just want to get it over with as fast as possible.

There is an excellent website that has a number of cheats… er “tools” for word games. The one we’re interested in for this word game is the tool Words in a word.

To use this tool you’ll want to open it up in a separate screen and arrange your screens so that it looks roughly like this

Next you’ll want to grab the little pull down menu that says 4 and change it to a 3. This pull down limits the smallest words that will be displayed. Since we are interested in 3 letter words and bigger we’re changing it to a 3. Keep in mind that because it defaults to 4 you’ll need to make this change every time you use it.

Now start the mission. Once you have your 6 letters type them into the text box and hit the Show Words button. The tool will then immediately display every single possible word. I’ve noticed that often there are more then 21 words listed. This is part of what makes this game so challenging. It’s easy to know words that are not recognized by the game which can be pretty frustrating.

Now, click back on the mobsters game and type away. I suggest typing carefully though. It’s easy to accidentally mistype a word without realizing you’ve done so thanks to the game telling you “that’s not a word” so many times. Also, it’s helpful to type them out sequential order to be sure you haven’t missed any. There were several occasions when I got though the entire list only to find that I had all but one word. Then I had to go back and figure out what I missed before time ran out. Every time the missing word was one on the list. Thankfully, you get the same reward even if you get all but one, though in a way it just goes to show how much this game is wasting your time.

Anyway, when done correctly you should be presented with the following messages

now you can get all the laptops you’ll ever want… whoopee! :/

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