My Town – Power Leveling

January 4, 2010

The expereince you earn in My Town comes at a pretty slow pace and under normal circumstances it can take awhile to level up. There is however, a very quick and easy way to level quickly in the game.

To start with I had previously mentioned that the city structures are worthless. This is true from a normal game perspective. However, you do gain a large amount of expereince for purchasing these otherwise useless buildings. We can use this to our advantage.

If you look at the gas station, you’ll notice something interesting

You can see that you gain 25 expereince for placing this building. What you’ll want to do is buy and place a gas station and then sell it back. This results in us receiving 25 expereince and we only end up spending 50 coins. This means we can purchase expereince at a rate of 1 expereince for 2 coins. Given that it only takes a couple hundred expereince to level you can see how this adds up very quickly. What’s more the gas station is purchasable right away. I would however recommend against using all of your money to level though or else you’ll level without growing your money output. Instead I would suggest spending half your money to level. The other half should be invested in the highest profit buildings you can get your hands on. After all, the more money you make the more levels you can gain each day. Using this method I was able to hit level 13 in just a matter of days. You might consider using other city buildings to level however the money to experience ratio on the other buildings is worse then it is for the gas station. So just stick with buying and selling gas stations to level.

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