Ninja Warz – Mini-game Madness

November 29, 2009

In this game, as with other social network games, you have the option of helping out your friends. Friends you can help appear across the bottom with their names highlighted. Assisting one of your friends launches you into one of four mini-games. Depending on how good you are these can take between 25 to 35 seconds to play. I find that it makes for a good time killer when you’re waiting for your health to heal back to full.

The mini-games are as follows

Rescue Ninja from Genbul

Now, as you can see the object is to run away from this big turtle….. well ok actually what you’re trying to do is not get hit by the shuriken being thrown at you… er I mean the turtle from the “friendly” blimp in front of you.

The trick to doing this mission is to watch the horizon line. Any sherkin that do not touch blue sky will hit you. This is far easier then trying to judge based on your character.

As you can see when you jump your character just barely clears the horizon, so even though some of the skuriken will look “too high” to jump over, you’ll make the jump so long as they fall below the horizon. The other thing to keep in mind when you’re jumping is that you can have up to 3 shuriken thrown at you consequtively. So always be ready to immedatley jump again as soon as you land. This also means you can’t delay your jump too much or else you’ll take one to the head when you land.

Stop Blimp Invasion

This is basically a shooting gallery. To achieve a high score here you will need perfect accuracy, additionally you will need to take out blimps quickly. So, if you’re not doing well at this one, first work on your aim. Your aim point should be in front of the blimp and level with the brown section at the bottom. Your shuriken will tend to drift up which is why you need to aim slightly low. Don’t worry about aiming too low though because striking the brown area counts as a hit.

As you can see the father out the blimp is the farther out in front of the blimp you’ll need to aim. Just keep in mind that for the blimps that are at extreme close range throwing in front will result in a miss. If that didn’t make things difficult enough they also travel at different speeds. So, the faster it’s moving the farther in front of the blimp you’ll need to throw.  With some practice though you should be able to get a general sense of  how to adjust for speed.  Also, I find it helps to not wait for it to hit before throwing the next one. It’s either going to hit or miss and watching it isn’t going to change anything. Remember you are timed on this one. But also  keep in mind is that you only need to shoot down 20, not every single one you see. This means that you are better off always taking the easy shots. If you’re not confidant you can hit a blimp don’t throw at it. If you wait a second or two an easier target will likely present it’s self. I’ve managed to get a perfect score on this one without having to take out any of the blimps at the extreme range

Deliver Medical Supplies

This mini-game is an obnoxious sidescroller. The object of course is to make it though without hitting any of the floating islands. There are a couple things to keep in mind with this game. To start with  you want to always keep your blimp level. It takes extra time to steer when the blimp must rotate out of either of these positions.

So, you’re best off keeping it flat. It’s kind of annoying when you’re at the very top or very bottom of the screen but eventually you’re going to have to dodge and if your blimp is level it’s more agile and able to do so. Of course as it is, you want to keep your blimp as close to the middle of the screen as possible rather then the top or bottom. There is always a path through and if you’re at the top of the screen and the path is at the bottom you’re screwed. However, if you’re in the middle you have a reasonable chance of making it. Often you’ll encounter a set of islands that look like you can fly though. If you’re not sure if there’s enough space between them, look at how big of a space is above and below the pair. If  a space outside the pair is large enough for you to fit though, there’s probably not enough space between them so you’ll need to go around.

Put out the fire

This is probably the hardest of all of the mini-games to get a perfect score on. The main thing you want to watch is this flag here

The flag always points in the direction the wind is blowing. Also, how far it is unfurled lets you know how strongly the wind is blowing in that direction. It’s also helpful in that the flag always moves a split second before the wind changes. So the best thing you can do is to immedately stop squirting water when  you see the flag start to move. Then once you see how the wind has changed you can resume putting out fires. It’s worth noting that the smoke coming off of the fires also changes with the wind, but unlike the flag it doesn’t change in advance of the wind at all, making it less ideal.

The Golden Cloud

I’ll admit this is more of an easier egg then a mini-game. But if you don’t have any friends left to help and you’re just sitting on this screen waiting it’s worth watching for. It turns out that the clouds and birds on this screen are click-able objects. The clouds blow away and the birds poop. Every once in awhile after doing this a golden cloud will show up like the one you see above. Clicking on this golden cloud will award you with an amount of gold that is on par with any of the mini-games above. Oh yeah, if you think my blimp looks odd. Its what you get for beating the turtle boss that shows up when you hit level 15.

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  1. there’€s a new game called shuriken attack. i get 75% accuracy and i get an F!!!

    • yeah, to get a perfect score in that you must knock down every single target. for each one that hits you you lose a grade. So it’s pretty easy to end up with an F even when you’re getting 100%.

      I just wrote up an article that details how to win this game you can find it here

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