Ninja Warz – Achievements

November 24, 2009

Ok, now as I’ve talked about, there are Achievements in the game that can be had. These are important to obtain because each time you get one of these achievements you get free karma.

The Achievements can be broken down into 6 categories. Those are as follows

Money Achievements
A Penny Saved
No Longer Considered Poor
Eligible for High Yield Savings
A Mili
We’ve Made Billions
Swimming in Golds
We Been Had Golds

How to Get: These achievements are fairly straight forward. Have on hand a specific amount of money and you get the award.

Recruitment Achievements
First Friend
Not Even Enough To Play Volleyball
Clan Half Full
Full Force
That’s what She Said
Bros Before…
Power Hungry
We Eat Our Wheaties
Well Balanced
Blood Type
Blood Brothers
Plan For the Worst
Might as well Be Useful
Bloody Brilliant!
We’re Old
All In The Family
Sibling Rivalry
Facebook Friends
People Know Me
An Army of Some
An Army of Some More

How to Get: These are all gotten by recruiting ninjas based on a certain trait. As you can see everything is important, from how many, to how old, even blood type and name. The nice thing about these is that you don’t actually have to keep these ninja. If you like you can recruit them, get the reward and then immediately boot them again. While this may be a costly method it is by far the easiest

  • Quantity: Pretty straight forward, recruit, 1,5,10 and 20 respectively to get these awards.
  • Gender: Again very straight forward, have 5 ninja that are all the same gender
  • Stats: What you’re looking for here are ninja who lie at the extreme ends or the dead center of the stat ranges. this means looking for ninjas with either a 50/40 split or a 45/45 split. Something that is not any of these combos will not count toward any of the achievements
  • Blood Type: For those who don’t remember their Biology, the blood types are as follows, A+,A-, B+,B-, AB+,AB-,O+, and O-. Additionally, AB+ are also referred to as Universal Recipients because they can accept any blood type. Where as O- is referred to as universal donors because anyone can receive O- blood. So, you’ll need 1 of each type, as well as 5 O- and 5 AB+ to receive all of the achievements.
  • Age: This one is straightforward, just get 5 ninjas who meet the specified age requirements. Basically you’re looking for ninjas with dates more recent then 1391 or longer ago then 1374.
  • Name: For these you’re interested in family names. Now, in Asian countries it is traditional for the family name to be listed before your other names. This game lists names the same way. So, basically you’re trying to match the names that appear first. Of all of these achievement types this one is probably the hardest because most of the time none of the ninja you can recruit have names that match any of your existing ninja. So, I’ve found it works best to search for this criteria first when recruiting a ninja. Then if none of the names match, recruit based on some other achievement you’re trying to get.
  • Facebook Friends: Basically all you need to do to get these is to get a bunch of your friends to join the game or you need to make friends with people who are already playing the game. If you want advice on how to get friends check out my article on the topic.
Born Winner
Hard to Kill
Quite Hard to Kill
Insanely Hard to Kill
Impossible to Kill
In Need of a Beating
Not Very Good at the Game
Terrible at the Game
Breaking Streaks
Combo Breaker
C-c-c-combo Breaker
Baby’s First Steps
Seasoned Fighter
We Did Two Tours Over There
Blood on Our Hands
We’re Kind of a Big Deal
Level Difference
Higher Up Beat Down
Topple Goliath
Invincible Underdog
Specific Enemies
Tortoise Slayer
Weather the Storm of Swords
Biting the Hand that Feeds

How to Get: For these achievements you have to win/lose fights. Who you fight and what you use doesn’t matter only if you eventually won or lost. So for these it’s best to attack enemies that will assure you the result you’re after (IOW extremely weak or extremely tough)

  • Ironman: These you only get one shot at and once you lose a fight you can no longer get them basically these are achievements you get for having a winning streak at the very beginning of the game.
  • Streaks: You get these achievements by having long winning/losing streaks.
  • Breaking Streaks: These take some investigation. If you look at a player’s profile you can see what they’re current winning streak is. It is displayed in brackets next to their wins. So, you just have to beat someone who’s streak exceeds the required amount.
  • Wins: These achievements are awarded for total number of victories you have.
  • Level Difference: Clearly these are tricky but they are possible to do. Essentially you just need to find someone that is higher level then you that you completely outgear/out level (in terms of your ninjas) and then beat them. Obviously this is easier to do the more friends you have. Also, you can gain an advantage by building up your karma (via items) without leveling for a couple days or more and then going after someone. In this way your relative power will be greater then it should be for your level. Also, fully outfitting your ninjas with gifted weapons can help immensely as they will typically be better then anything you can purchase.  Just look for someone who doesn’t have many friends as they are less likely to have good gear or much cash.
  • Specific Enemies: These are gained by winning against specific enemies in the game. The first two are bosses that are sought out separately from normal players. For the the third one, you will need to defeat one of the following players, keep in mind they may be hard for you to kill since they’ve been playing for awhile.
Amanda Beyer
Rob Roberton
Paul Buonopane
Cuong Truong
Robert Nelson
  • For the final one, it helps to attack someone with only a few black belts, with a brown belt or two of your own and a whole bunch of white belts. The idea being that the brown belts will weaken the black belt enough to allow a white belt to get the killing blow.
Combat Conditions
End Health
By the Skin of Your Teeth
Flawless Victory
Enemy/Ally Ratios
Two For One
Three For One
Way of the Empty Hand
A Band of Naked Ninjas
No Performance Enhancing Stones
Fried Shrimp
Don’t Shoot Lasers With your Mouth Full
One More Sword in an Inconvenient Place
Feed the Poor

How to Get: These achievements are more specific then the above victory achievements. The difference is that not only do you have to win, but you have to win under certain conditions. This means that most of the fights are going to be contrived with the aim of getting a specific achievement.

  • End Health: Probably the least contrived of all of these, basically depending on how easy or close the fight was you can win these achievements.
  • Enemy/Ally Ratios: These are all won by winning a fight where the numbers are incredibly unbalanced in favor of one player or another.
  • Gear: These achievements are all gotten by winning fights while having specific weapons equipped. Though some of the harder ones in this category have even more requirements beyond simply having the right weapon and winning.
Belt Color
Black is Beautiful
All the Colors of the Rainbow
Dark Army
What Can Brown Do For You?
Oompa Loompa Doompadee Doo
Why So Blue?
Going Green
Elevated Levels of Unconjugated Bilirubin
Quantity over Quality

How to Get: These are pretty self explanatory, have the specified number of ninja who you have trained to a certain belt level.

Gear Collections
Onion Collector
Advanced Onion Collector
Shrimp Collector
Advanced Shrimp Collector

How to Get: These are self explanatory,  acquire the specified number of the item in question. The easiest way is to simply send all of your friends the item you want and request that they send it back to you. Given enough time and enough friends it shouldn’t take you too long to get what you’re after.

There’s a New Ally in Town
Helpy Helperton
Destroyer of Blimps and Fires
A True Ally
A Truer Ally

How to Get: These will simply come with time. Obviously the more friends you have and the more often you play the faster you will achieve them.

Don’t Blink
Surgical Precision
Miserable Old Fool!
Konami Komando

How to Get: These are the achievements that don’t easily fit into the other categories or are so obscure that it’s probably the real reason you’re reading this.

  • Combat: Intuitively I would say that the first one is essentially random chance, and the later three require you to win using a bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing weapons respectively. So, my best advice is to simply make sure you have one of each weapon always equipped in your group. Probably something along the lines of scoring a critical hit with that weapon and having it be the final blow. I’ve already gotten two of the four of these completely randomly, so just keep trying.
  • Purchased: These you get for spending real money to get in game cash.
  • Other: To get this achievement, click on the gold statue on your island. Then while you’re on that screen type in the Konami code directly into your keyboard followed by the enter key. Some keyboards don’t work so you may need to use an on-screen keyboard. You can find directions of how to activate the on-screen keyboard in windows here.

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Part 3: Ninja Warz – Mini-game Madness
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Part 5: Ninja Warz – Shuriken Attack


  1. how get the 257 karma???

  2. how should i defeat those guys the least one has 5 black belts

  3. I know how to get “Konami Komando” first go to diamyo then press “up(arrow key),up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a and enter…

    you should get 1 karma and a relic that gives you 10% attack speed..

    (Y) if it works!!!

  4. btw mind asking that actually whats the use of power of ninja with the relic +100 ppower ninja? got use?

  5. how to get bitting the hand that feeds and feed the poor achievement? what is the creator of ninja? mind to help?

    • check out the links I’ve listed above under “specific enemies”. Those are the creators of the game. defeating any of them will give you the biting the hand that feeds achievement.


  7. this was asked before but never answered; not by me. how much karma does each achievement give? if you can please add it to the revision of this page. there are some new achievements too.

  8. how can i get the FLawless victory???

    • I would recommend fighting someone who is lower level then you. REALLY lower level. If you click on the button that says weaker and keep on hitting it you’ll eventually scroll all the way back to players who are only level 5. Find one that only has one ninja and attack them with nothing but black belts, using the best weapons you can get. Then you’ll have a reasonable chance of one shooting them.

  9. I have five ninjas with the dates of 1392, 1392, 1393, 1393, 1394 and it wont give me the “BFFs” achievement. Any idea why?

    • New Years is to blame on this one. Let me know if I’m wrong but my guess is if you replace the 1392 ninjas with 1393 or more recent then you’ll get the achievement. In a way this is a flaw in the game since unless it produces ninjas with newer birth dates; in a couple years this achievement will be completely undoable.

      • Alright. Thank you for the help. I’ll let you know if it works or not.

  10. http://apps.facebook.com/ninja-warz/fight/3142
    this link 4 biting the hand that feeds

    • Thanks, I’ll see if I can dig up the other links and post them up here. I remember seeing a list of about 5 or 6 different players that are developers. But I was pressed for time and haven’t had an opportunity to confirm any of them.

  11. i dont get the family thing or the Bff’s things its confusing

    • Well, I can see how it might be confusing. The game follows the Japanese tradition where a person’s family name is spoken before their given name. So If your name is normally Mr. Joe Smith, in japan someone would refer to you as Smith Joe San. So… keeping this in mind you’ll need to recruit ninja where the 1st name listed matches as this shows that they are all part of the same family. Just like how Susan Smith and Joe Smith are “part of the same family”.

      As for the BBF, I’m surprised that one is giving you trouble and the “we’re old” one isn’t. Basically you just need to look at the ninja’s birth dates and get a bunch of really young ninja.

      I hope this helps

  12. im level 94 i dont really play nymore but is there a chance i can still fight it ?

    • if you go to the bottom of the fight other players screen it should so bosses that you can fight.

  13. hey how do u fight one of the devs the special bosss or w.e

    • get to a certin level and it gives you the option

  14. Can you make how to do the Konami Komando clearer please?

    • u do up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a,enter
      trust me please this actually works and i tried it

      • i tried it it didnt work

        • it works if you use internet explorer, doesnt work with firefox

          • you can click daimyo and do it there. it works.

    • up up down down left right left right b and then a then enter

  15. Let me get this straight, for the konami code you click on that golden statue guy and then, without clicking on anything else, you type in(using the arrows)”up up down down left right left right B A enter”? If it is it doesn’t work for me. Is there a space between B and A?

    • there isn’t a space, however you do need to hit enter after typing in the code. You may need to use an on screen keyboard to get it to work properly though. I did

      • ummm i tried both but it still didnt work so what now?

        • that’s odd, what browser are you using? I know that for me I had to use an onscreen keyboard, clicking on each of the keys with my mouse, because typing wasn’t working at all for me. I’m using firefox.

          Does the code work normally for you in facebook? (when done correctly on any FB page you should get a lens
          flare effect)

          • cant use firefox

          • hmm…. that’s unfortunate. What browser are you able to use?

  16. i cant find the dates on ninjas to get the bffs and we’re old

    • you have to click on the ninja in question. Once you do that then you can see what year they were born in

  17. i still dont get the konami thing, i did up, up down, dwn , left, rite, left, rite, b, a and nuthing happened

    • yeah, you need to hit the enter key at the end. Since it’s the closest equivalent to the “start” button

  18. Feed The Poor – attack a creator using food items only as weapons d: missed that one

  19. i want to get the “were old” and “BBF’s” archivs/ but the year 1391 count too?

    • nope, I know this because I had several with birth dates of 1391 and it wasn’t until I had 5 ninja with birth dates of 1392 and later that I was given the award

  20. I see that you have not included the ‘Upset’ Achievement.

  21. can you pls add giving of karma

    • I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

      • ‘Upset’ is when you deliver the killing blow to a black belt ninja with a white belt ninja, i believe.

        • if i were were u i would have a black belt that is one lv under the other black belt and then make sure the white belt has a strong weapon and then it will do the final blow

          • u can do that one by making a friend put black belt up on with nothing on and all white belts for you and the fight them over and over

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