Ninja Warz – An Overview

November 23, 2009

Publisher Broken Bulb Productions
Platform Facebook, Twitter
Multi-account Yes
Type Combat Rpg
Initial Review Date 11/23/09
Last Updated 11/23/09
FAQ Official Website

This game doesn’t neatly fall into any of the traditional gaming categories. Basically you control a ninja village. The object is to train/arm/recruit ninjas and then attack other ninja villages.

Now, when you first start playing you are presented with a choice between 3 different Ninja clans. While each one lists benefits of each. The benefits that are talked about actually come in the form of a starting item. This item is quickly replaced with others so the proposed benefit can be easily ignored. The other effect your choice has though is what your ninjas look like. So basically you should pick based on aesthetics. It’s a shame they don’t show you what the ninjas look like on the selection screen. Below are screen shots of the ninjas. As they advance their belt changes color, starting from white going all the way up to black.

Lotus Clan

Fire Clan

Shadow Clan

Getting Started

Now, once you start playing it will step you though the basics of the game. Once you have completed those I highly recommend taking a look at what medals you can get in the game. To see all the medals in the game go to your profile screen. Your profile can be found by using the tab at the top here

On this screen you can see your general stats. Toward the bottom you can see what achievements you have earned. There is also a button that says See All which will allow you to see what is possible.

Note that there are a series of achievements you can get for having a winning streak in the very beginning. What’s annoying is that if you didn’t realize there was such an achievement you have no reason to be careful who you fight . To fight the weakest opponents, click on the Weaker Clans button. As far as I can tell these are listed from weakest to strongest, so attacking whoever is at the top of this list generally results in a victory. I would suggest only going into combat when you are fully healed. Not waiting can result in a victory but it’s risky since you’re putting yourself at a handicap. Now, each achievement you earn wins you karma. Karma is easily the most important stat in the game because it’s the hardest commodity to acquire. Karma is what you spend to level up your ninja and increase your relic capacity. Both of which have dramatic effects on the game.

The other game item I would like to point out early on are the following Relics.

These need to be unlocked by advancing your level, so they will not be purchasable right away, but I highly recommend getting them as soon as you can. This of course means at the very least purchasing your 2nd relic spot, but since you’ll eventually want all 5 relic spots this is not a bad investment..

Now, I will point out each of these relics cost 10k gold, but are well worth it since they easily pay for themselves. The karma stone I would recommend keeping equipped all the time. While it’s unfortunate that you don’t get any direct combat benefit from having it on, getting 2 free karma every day is quite nice since as I said karma is relatively difficult to obtain in the game otherwise. The treasure relic is basically good to equip before you log off. since even if you play for a couple hours a day you can get 6k gold per day.  This is a pretty nice boost for basically not doing anything at all.

But again, look over the medals and just go for them. They should give you a pretty good direction in trying to decide how many ninja to have and what sort of stats to look for. like blood type, normally you’d figure it was just flavor text, but guess again, there’s several medals you can get based on what blood type your ninjas are. So this becomes something you care about.

Part 1: Ninja Warz – An Overview
Part 2: Ninja Warz – Achievements
Part 3: Ninja Warz – Mini-game Madness
Part 4: Ninja Warz – Gift Items
Part 5: Ninja Warz – Belt Levels
Part 5: Ninja Warz – Shuriken Attack


  1. can u post the blood types there are i have 6 but i dont know the other 2 (i have O+,B+,A+,AB+,A-,B-)

    • O- and AB-

  2. .can you give me the list of all the belt colors and their corresponding levels. . thanks. .

    • no problem. I’ve had this on my list to do for awhile, I just hadn’t gotten around to it. Now the page is up 🙂

      • hey what is the way to increase your clans specialized weapons and by the way you need to update your stuff

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