Mobsters 2 Vendetta – Weapon Costs

October 2, 2009


So, I’ve been looking into the various weapons you can get in mobsters 2. Primarily my focus has been gearing up my mob of 500 as effectively as possible. So, I’ve looked at weapons on a cost per bonus basis. For completeness I have included items that can not be purchased. If you’re wondering how to get more friends check out my article on the topic. In general the cheaper the better. Also in terms of cost effectiveness you should stock up in the following order –

  1. Melee
  2. Explosives
  3. Guns
  4. Armor
  5. Vehicles
  6. Henchmen

As this will allow you to maximize your money. However, for stocking up on guns I recommend doing the burglary mission over and over as one of the rewards is a gun. In the long run doing this can save you a considerable amount of money. Also keep in mind that items will be used in preference of your items offensive stat. So you may need to sell “lower” items to ensure that a high defense item gets used.

Keep in mind that the costs of these items change depending on what class you are as well as where you buy them. However, since these changes are a percentage applied to all items, their costs will not change in a meaningful way relative to each other.

I originally created a set of tables which contained the information I’ve been able to gather thus far. However, then I discovered this spreadsheet which is far more complete then what I had.  What I have found so far though is that the items in the game suffer a severe amount in terms of diminishing returns. That is that while the more expensive items have larger bonuses, you pay increasingly more money for those stats. So, if you have a large mob you’ll want to go with the cheapest stuff you’re willing to buy to maximize your results. Then of course over time you’ll want to switch in more powerful stuff as you can afford it.

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