Farmville – Tree and Animal Profit Values

July 11, 2009

In FarmVille you now have the ability to harvest your animals in addition to your crops. So below I have compiled a list of profits for trees and animals. I am assuming that the initial cost of all of the items listed below is zero since it’s possible to gift these items to yourself.

Tree Harvest Profit Time (days) Weekly Profit Weekly Lot Profit* Sell Price
Cherry 18 2 63 1008 11
Apple 28 3 65.333…. 1045.333… 16
Starfruit 100 4 175 2800 60
Orange 40 4 70 1120 21
Fig 33 3 77 1232 18
Avocado 37 3 86.333… 1381.333… 21
Apricot 56 4 98 1568 30
Grapefruit 50 3 116.666… 1866.666…. 23
Banana 56 3 130.666…. 2090.666…. 32
Passion 93 5 130.2 2083.2 46
Pomegranate 108 5 151.2 2419.2 53
Acai 158 2 553 8848 47
Plum 30 3 70 1120 17
Peach 47 4 82.25 1316 25
Lemon 41 3 95.666… 1530.666…. 23
Lime 75 5 105 1680 37
Date 69 3 161 2576 40
Olive 112 4 196 3136 60
Maple** 150 2 525 8400 75
Yellow Maple** 25 2 87.5 1400 15
Red Maple** 25 2 87.5 1400 10
Ornament I** 150 2 525 8400 75
Ornament II** 150 2 525 8400 75
Cashew** 41 3 95.666… 1530.666… 75
Durian 65 4 113.75 1820 65
Walnut 50 3 116.666… 1866.666… 28
Guava 55 3 128.333… 2053.333… 33
Animal Harvest Profit Time (days) Weekly Profit Weekly Lot Profit* Sell Price Type
Buffalo** 105 3 245 980 200 Buffalo
Black Cat 86 3 201 3211 95 Cat
Grey Tabby 90 3 210 3360 150 Cat
Orange Tabby 90 3 210 3360 150 Cat
White Kitty 90 3 210 3360 150 Cat
Black Chicken 32 0.9 245 3925 20 Chicken
Brown Chicken 16 1 112 1792 20 Chicken
Chicken 8 1 56 896 20 Chicken
Golden Chicken 64 1 448 7168 20 Chicken
Alien Cow** 18 1 126 504 120 Cow
Brown Cow 12 1 84 336 15 Cow
Bull 80 1 560 2240 150 Cow
Cow 6 1 42 168 15 Cow
Pink Cow 18 1 126 504 40 Cow
Brown Calf 80 1 560 8960 120 Cow
Calf 80 1 560 8960 120 Cow
Green Calf 80 1 560 8960 120 Cow
Pink Calf 80 1 560 8960 120 Cow
Deer** 80 2 280 1120 100 Deer
Doe 110 3 257 4107 300 Deer
Donkey 100 1 700 2800 2500 Donkey
Duck 45 2 158 2520 75 Duck
Baby Elephant** 125 4 219 389 125 Elephant
Goat 54 2 189 3024 90 Goat
Brown Goose 80 2 280 4480 100 Goose
Grey Goose 80 2 280 4480 150 Goose
Clydesdale 105 3 245 980 200 Horse
Horse 84 3 196 784 105 Horse
Pinto 140 3 327 1307 425 Horse
Lamb** 90 3 210 3360 150 Lamb
Alpaca 84 3 196 1568 1568 Llama
Moose 125 3 292 1167 1167 Moose
Oxen** 105 3 245 980 150 Oxen
Peacock 90 2 315 5040 275 Peacock
Penguin** 45 3 105 1680 75 Penguin
Pig 30 2 105 1680 50 Pig
Jackalope** 105 2 368 5880 350 Rabbit
Lop-Eared Bunny** 90 2 315 5040 150 Rabbit
Rabbit 60 4 105 1680 60 Rabbit
Clumsy Reindeer** 80 2 280 1120 150 Reindeer
Reindeer** 80 2 280 1120 150 Reindeer
Black Sheep 56 3 131 2091 15 Sheep
Sheep 28 3 65 1045 35 Sheep
Swan 80 2 280 4480 100 Swan
Ugly Duckling 1 Swan 3 1 Swan 16 Swans 75 Swan
Turkey** 80 2 280 4480 125 Turkey
Wild Turkey** 80 2 280 4480 125 Turkey
Baby Turkey** 1 Turkey 3 1 Turkey 16 Turkeys 125 Turkey
Turtle 86 3 201 3211 95 Turtle

*This is how much you would make per week if you were able to completely fill a single farmable plot with this animal/tree. It should be noted that the horse and cows take up twice as much space as the other animals. This is why the lot profits for them are so low.

**This animal was only available for a limited time.

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  1. You really generated quite a few great ideas throughout ur post, β€œFarmville – Tree
    and Animal Profit Values | Steelowl’s Videogame Tools”.
    I will end up heading back to your webpage eventually. With thanks

  2. I do not know if it’s just me or if everybody else encountering problems with your website. It appears as if some of the written text within your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This may be a issue with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen
    before. Appreciate it

  3. Are all goats the same profit, including the Saeen (?) ones?

    • What about the white-tail deer?

      • I meant buck of course!

  4. what about the Magnolia tree?

    • Magnolia trees are only for decoration and are not harvestable.

  5. Very nice chart, keep up the good work~

  6. item; coins; time; cost
    guava tree; 55; 3; 675
    kangaroo; 54; 2; 8000 (unreleased yet)
    horse_pinto; 140; 3; 8500 (unreleased yet)
    horse_gray; 84, 3, 2100 (unreleased yet)
    doe; 110; 3; 6000
    moose; 125; 3; 8000

    superbowl limited edition animals has same values as normal ones.

    • thanks πŸ™‚

    • looks like these unreleased items i wrote about are officially in use now.

  7. There’s a new giftable Guave Tree (farmville.com exclusive).

    Yields 55 in 3 days. And sells for 33. So that makes it… 128.33 per week and 2053.33 per lot.

    Thanks for keeping this updated, good job!

  8. theres one type of cow you havent put on here its called the bov1ne 09 and its bright green. i just got it from the christmas gifts

    • that’s odd, Bovine 09 was the original name for what is now called the “alien cow”. It would be nice if they would make up their minds what they’re going to call this thing.


    item; yield; days; cost
    peacock; 90; 2; 5500
    durian tree; 65; 4; 1300
    walnut tree; 50; 3; 575


    jackalope harvests for 105 coins now
    cashew tree sells for 40 coins now

    damn zynga changes item params :/

    • thanks! yeah I agree that it’s unfortunate that the jacklope is no longer as profitable as it was. In fact it’s not even the 2nd best, oh well atleast it’s still a cool animal πŸ™‚

  10. can you trade animals?

  11. The new Dorian tree is worth 65 coins.

  12. durian tree is missing

    • also you should sort alphabetically the names, it’s not much work but will help alot, tnx

      • I’ll take that into consideration, right now I have them sorted by animal types and the trees were originally sorted in the order they were aquired as you leveled. With holiday trees coming and going though this has gotten distorted

  13. picture of peacock

    • Hi what about durian?

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this!! With a high risk for carpal tunnel I have been able to streamline my farm to only keep trees and animals with the higher weekly harvest profit, so as to not be wasting precious clicking potential. I also post the url on my status from time to time and always get many comments thanking me for sharing this information.

    • Jackalope harvests for only 105 coins, not 350 !!

      • that is true.
        looks like they realized 350 is pretty much. too bad 😦

        105 coins every 2 days. still sells for 350

  14. I think that You have to add to the animal list one more pet…Is a peacock!!!I’ve got that in a mystery box.

  15. Hi,

    Thanks for the all the harvest profits it is really helpful. One question though… on the table the lemon tree and cashew tree are both stated as being a 3 day harvest which will gain you 41 coins but they have different weekly profits and different weekly lot profits… surely they should be the same?

    Kind Regards


    • heh, good eye. Yep, I accidentally mistyped it hence why the weekly lot profits were still the same.

  16. hey, I need to buy 24×24 (expand) but why do that long time? so pls make fast to open now bec the end is on level up 70. how???

    • while I appreciate suggestions. I would recommend going to the official forums and making your request there. I’m just a player same as you, so I don’t have any control over how the game is built

    • they don’t respond to requests like that. You may expect 24×24 expansion in a half of a year.

  17. [PRE] – in case it works πŸ˜›

    animal; harvest; time; cost (sell price = cost/20); additional info

    buffalo; 105; 3; 4000; 4 squares
    deer; 80; 2; 2000; 4 squares
    oxen; 105; 3; 3000; 4 squares
    peacock; 90; 2; 5500
    jackalope;350 (!); 2; 7000
    rabbitfloppy (bunny); 90; 2; 3000

    cashew tree; 41; 3; 800

    currently in your table are missing sell prices
    for: alpaca, rabbitfloppy


    • thanks πŸ™‚

      I always liked jackalopes, looks like they’re the new top earner.

      • finally you’ve added some colours πŸ™‚
        thats great:)

        alpaca sells for 125 coins.

    • durian tree; 65; 4; 1300

  18. Some of the listed animals are not on their: Buffalo, Peacock, Brown Bull, Deer and more. Though I don’t blame you seeing as they’re brand new to the game! πŸ™‚

    • Yeh from the crates today I got Ox, Deer, Buffalo, and a Jackalope!

  19. Does anyone have the new walnut tree stats?

    • Woops, I meant cashew trees, not walnut trees.

      • 41 coins in 2 days. πŸ™‚

  20. I have an OX πŸ˜€

    from the animal crates πŸ˜€

  21. ive got the bunny its so cute

  22. Howdy

    StarFruit Tree: 100 coins every 4 days.

    COSTS (sell price = cost/20):
    starfruit 1200
    whitekitty 1900
    clydesdale 4000
    goose 2000
    penguin 1500
    cat_grey 3000
    alpaca 2500
    goose_grey 3000

    • thanks

    • this also means starfruit sells for 60 coins, not 16 πŸ™‚

  23. Thanks for putting this together and updating it regularly!

  24. brown goose, white kitty, penguin, clydsdale, grey tabby,alpaca

    • How do you get an alpaca?

      • in the mystery gift box

  25. I found a White Kitty.

    • and i got a grey goose…

  26. The goose is the same harvest time as ducks and turkeys.

  27. how about the grey tabby,penguin,and goose???

    • oh.. and also clydesdale

  28. cyclesdale uses 4 squares. 105 coins every 3 days

    grey tabby (cat) has same values as orange

  29. gooses give feathers and it gives you 80 coins every 2 days so they’re as much profitable as turkeys and swans

  30. penguins give hair and it gives you 45 coins every 3 days what means they’re NOT profitable 😦

    • Penguins give you ice cubes..not hair..

  31. Someone know how can i get penguin please reply

    • u find them around during jan-feb lol there u go


  33. I just found a penguin on my farm!

    • klidesdales, penguins, swans, !

    • i got one too…

    • yep. got one myself. Sells for 75 coins. Don’t know what he makes or what the fetch.

    • i found a goose

    • grey tabby!, grey goose!

    • i got a grey tabby from my christmas presents! i only know so far that it sells for 150

    • I think they take 4 days because I got mine on Wednesday and its on 66% now.

      • I’ve got a grey tabby cat now as well from my christmas tree.

        • excuse me steelowl but isnt it your job to post these things? you have not been on in quite a few days and have missed clydesdales, brown gooses, grey gooses, grey tabbys, penguins, and many others

          • yeah, I just got back from a 2 week vacation where my internet was much more limited then expected. I’m back now though so I’ll try to get everything updated tonight at the very least.

    • You get Ice Cubes from penguins after 3 days.

  34. You can have a green calf.

  35. i won farmville

  36. there is also owls and on my freinds farm (were available during halloween for 3 days(FV cash)). ive also seen dogs,baby ducks,sheep,cows,a weird orange cat, and chicks(but thats uncomfirmed) any body have info on any of this stuff

    • Are you sure thats not Farm Town?

      • yeah go to zynga website

    • the baby duck is the ugly duckling..
      it transforms into swan..
      the one that you says “a weird cat”is the orange Tabby..
      you can buy it with Farmcash or FV..
      maybe the dogs you are saying is the calf..
      and the chicks..
      i dont know about the chicks..

      hope this helps!

      • nnnnooooooooooooo go to the zynga website and wait for the farmville slid to come up woth info about the game… in the logos backround these all differnt animals…

        • I think it’s just a picture with those animals on. Not actual game footage.

  37. Does Ornament tree I&II stay all time after purchased, im thinking about buying lots of them and placing them on farm for profit, they re good if they grow in 2 days and can be harvested for 150 coins… ??

    • time left…means time left to buy them… you will have them till you sell them πŸ™‚

  38. You’re sure the bull is 1 day? I swear this bull is taking 2 days.
    What is he going to harvest? Steaks or prize bull semen?
    2240 is better than my pigs rabbits and ducks. Guess I might have to redesign the farm.

    • well…. according to the building you collect “milk” from the bull. What’s more it apparently sells for more then regular cow milk. I guess whoever buys all this stuff is just really kinky….

      • The bull takes 1 day and if you haven’t got it in the dairy farm when it’s ready to harvest you just “Brush Bull”

        • If you put the bull in the farm with your girls he will make babies.

  39. Does anyone know if the Ornament trees will continue to produce harvests after 20 days or are they only available to purchase for the next 20 days.

    • Well, since the alien cow had a similar note on it I’m assuming that the only thing that’s limited is your ability to purchase the item.

  40. does anyone have a bull link???

  41. I love the trees so they are tempting me with the RedWood for 4 FV bucks. I started to buy it and noticed it is the only tree (that I have seen) that takes up 4 spots. Anyone know if it produces or is it just a decoration?

    Wish they would add willows to line my creek with, creeks so I didn’t have to hide my fake creek beds with appropriately placed trees, pines and oaks, cedars to place next to the great grandparents tomb stones (AKA left over Halloween decor now the old family cemetery), appropriate decorations for tropical plantations to put all those banana and date trees, so much more…

    • They are just decorations! they suck big-time, it takes 2X2 space

  42. Bulls sell for 150 coins.

    • you may use one of them in a cow barn to get calfs

    • theres a bull and a calf and …..

    • theres a bull and a calf and a …. and a ….

    • There is also pink calfs

      • Can you get green calfs cause I’ve got a few green cows in my cow barn? I’ve just got a brown one πŸ˜€

        • The brown calfs sell for 120 coins.

        • you can, however, aside from their color schemes all calves are the same. It is interesting that the baby cows are superior to anything you can stick inside the cow barn.

  43. The bull makes 80 coins when you harvest it, it takes 1 day and it produce “Brush Bull”.

  44. The bull actually takes 1 day. Mines at 75% so i’ll let you know how much it makes later.

    • bull and calfs made 80 per day

  45. another animal is a bull

    • Once you have a bull and put it in your dairy farm they reproduce and there is now a baby calf !

  46. UPDATE!!!! Farmville now has bulls!!

    • They also have baby calves

  47. There’s a bull now.

  48. I think the bull takes 2 days.

  49. I’ve just adopted a lonely Bull on my farm. I’ve never seen these before and I don’t know how much they sell for or anything as I only adopted it about 2 minutes ago. I’ll let you know when I find out!

  50. Bumping the clumsy reindeer question – how do i get one?

    • These are lost animals, so you find them the same way you do the black kitty, turtle, ugly duckling etc. I’m surprised you haven’t seen any because I see my friends posting them all the time. I’ve stopped grabbing them because of how much space they take up, but they do look cool.

    • How do You get donkeys and how or cant you get them anymore ??? Please Repley

    • How do i get a donkey?

      • It was obtainable as a mystery box item. Otherwise it hasn’t been seen.

    • you can only adopt bulls and clumsy reeindeers!! you can’t buy them!

  51. Am I able to get another christmas tree?

    • Yes, they updated Farmville tonight so you can by a new Christmas tree (the kind you fill with gifts) for 10 coins if you accidentally deleted your first one. Limit 1

      • deleting and rebuying this holiday tree is a good way to build xp at 10 coins a pop and 5xp. its a pain but if you’ve got time to kill it works well

  52. Both Reindeer are 80 per every two days.

    They take up 2×2 spaces so 4 per 16×16 lot = 1120 per week per lot.

    • *sigh*, I’m not doing well with the math this weekend. I blame the holiday. For some reason it was pulling the orange tabby number instead of the reindeer and multiplying it by 4. Thanks for the correction, the table has been updated with the correct numbers.

  53. The Orange Tabby sells for 150 coins.

    • There is a new animal – a Lamb, limited for Christmas. I costs 9 FarmVille Cash and sells for 90 coins. Harvests in 3 days, not sure how much for harvesting though. Apparently, it produces lamb hair…

      • yep, they also added some new trees too that are on par with the acai and maple tree. Cool thing is unlike those trees this one only takes coins instead of FV cash. I suggest stocking up on these things while you can!

  54. looks like the reindeer yield 80 coins every 2 days. Weekly profit should be 1120?

    Check my math.


    • That should be weekly lot profit of 1120.

      • I think maybe you misjudged the spacing. like the cows you can fit 4 of these into a 16×16 space.

        • what do you figure the weekly lot profit is?

          • I think you are right, I totally misjudged this.

          • Only 280 a week???

          • yeah
            80×3.5 = 280

          • Looks like you had the right number all along rich.

  55. how do i get a clumsy reindeer?

  56. I got a reindeer and a clumsy reindeer but idk how much they giv

    • we will know that tomorrow i guess so be patient

  57. Wonderful site, thanks for doing this. The weekly value of the orange tabby at 11,200 can’t be right, can it?

    • Thanks, you’re correct that I mistyped the number. I have corrected this though

      • Thanks again. I have a donkey, and it sells for 2500 coins, fyi.

  58. Is it a coincidence that as soon as i made my whole plowed farm areas squash that a ugly duckling appeared to be lost?

    Same thing with the pink cow and strawberries.?

    • Shouldn’t the Orange Tabby weekly lot profit be 3360? Or can you somehow fit more than 16 of them in a lot?

      • yep, glanced at the wrong number when I was typing it in last night. Thanks for the catch

  59. I just got a donkey out of the pink mystery box. How much does it harvest?

    • looks like you can brush it for 100

      • Donkeys take up 2×2 small squares so their weekly lot profit is actually 2800.

        • ah ok, I thought they were more like the goats. Thanks!

  60. You can now get a donkey, but only in the mystery box for now

  61. what is the max level for farmville?

    • Lv 70 is the max level. You still accumulate XP after that, but won’t level up anymore.

  62. I turned this into a spreadsheet for the Harvest, Trees and Animals!

    It is sortable. If you would like it let me know.

    • Yes, I would very much like your spreadsheet, THANK YOU!

      • Not sure how I can post it here though. If you think of a way I’ll gladly send it along.

      • I can’t post it here it seems

  63. wild turkey harvests at 80 coins. i just found out.

  64. wild turkey yields 80 coins

  65. What does TBD mean????

    • TBD = To Be Determined

      basically it’s my way of saying, I don’t have that information yet

  66. Red maples are also 25 coins.

  67. Thanks for this blog it’s really good but can you list the trees in order iclding the maple ones please because I have a lot of trees on my farm thanks πŸ™‚

  68. For cows you could calculate their plot profit further by using the dairy farm which covers 36 spaces since they have access to that building and it allows 30 cows in it. If you wanted to make it per plot it would be 36/16*30 or about 14 cows per plot instead of 8.

    • yep, That is correct. However, the reason I haven’t altered the information here is because I’ve addressed the dary farm building in a separate article. In general the buildings aren’t worth it unless you can fill it with pink or green cows.

    • 20 cows, not 30…

  69. Do you have the updated information on the Maple trees that just came out?

    • Yes and no. I have all the info on everything except the profit for harvesting the Red Maple Trees. this is because ever since they added the ability to sell items directly that have been gifted to you, you can no longer find out how much these items harvest for until you actually harvest them. 😦

      Based on the Sell price though, I suspect the red give you less money then the yellow do, since they sell for less.

      • If you put your clicker over the item, it will tell you the value of havesting it.

        • Which menu are you talking about? when the item is still in the gift box all it shows is sell price. Once I’ve placed the item mousing over doesn’t display any information but I can click on sell to find out the sell price.

        • wrong, it is actual value if you’d like to sell it

    • when someone harvest Maple Tree (the 150$ one) please let us know it really gives that much coins
      I just can hardly believe it is true πŸ˜‰

    • they just got them up

      • It said 150 coins in 2 days.

  70. Can you please post the flowers table?

    Thanks for your work, it’s a great time-saver, and really helps me manage my farm more effectively.

    • I’m looking into it. Of course ever since I bought one I haven’t produced any of the collectibles. I hope to have something up soon though

  71. Superb site bro, really appreciate u updating the per plot values whenever a new animal / tree is released!

    • Correction: the green cow’s sell price is 120 coins, not 40.

      Also, its actual name is BOV1NE-09 , in all caps and with a 1 for i.

      • how much xp do i get for building the villa?

        • 10000 xps – level up πŸ™‚

      • Thanks, sometimes they change the numbers on me so I appreciate it. Also I hadn’t noticed the 1 for the before. Makes me wonder of the “0” is actually a Zero as well.

        • They changed the name to Alien Cow.

          • So, they have. How disappointing

        • I’ve got a Pink Calf on my farm – brush(produce) for 80 coins, sell for 120 coins. Only adoptable.

  72. Can I just say they should add unicorns and blue pigs… they would be awesome!

    • dude blue pigs is stupid but unicorns is okay

  73. These tables are great – thank you! Could you possibly add a table for special items (e.g. Spooky Tree) i know they’re only limited but it would be really useful.

  74. I just adopted a black cat what is the value and is it new?

    • yep, unfortunately the stats are identical to the turtle

      I just hope it’s not completely the same, an egg laying cat would be rather…. odd

      • well, it turns out the black cat gives yarn. I wish my house cat in RL randomly gave me balls of yarn that I sell for money :/

        • me too. that would be nice. i have two RL cats. they produce hairballs, but not yarn.

  75. There’s been several times when I’ve been asked to help a brown or pink cow, I do, but I don’t seem to receive anything for it? How do you get a brown or pink cow?

    • When you “help” a cow or other animal, what you’re doing is allowing your friends to adopt the animal by generating a post.

      To adopt one yourself, look for posts from your friends. It will say something like

      “so and so, found a poor lonely cow that is looking for a new home” and it will have a picture of the animal. There will also be a link that says “adopt the animal”

      Keep in mind though that it’s first come first served. So, if someone eles has already adopted it then it will just give you a message saying that it’s already been adopted.

      If you do successfully adopt it though, it will appear inside your gifts received. where you can retrieve it and stick it in your farm

  76. Dude, learn to use significant figures. You can’t have .333 or .666 coins. So the weekly profit for apples is 65 coins, not 65.333… πŸ™‚

    • Strictly speaking, the value wouldn’t be what’s listed since the .3333 is coming from the harvest time not falling neatly into a weekly basis. The numbers shown represent how much you would get on average. In which case decimals are fine. Think of it this way. Say I give you 10 apples once every 3 days. This means that in terms of a weekly average you would would receive 23.333 apples. However, strictly speaking the number of apples you would have at the end of the week wouldn’t be 23.333, in fact it wouldn’t even be 23. At the end of the week you would physically only have 20 apples. The problem is that saying 20 would be deceptive because you would be expecting to get another 10 apples 2 days after the cut off point. Therefore, for comparison purposes it’s useful to express the values in terms of weekly averages, hence why I leave the numbers with several decimals following, to show that they do not fall evenly into the week.

  77. Please update the table for the new flowers values. I will begin planting and getting some data to post here.

    • Yes it does give you 1 XP if you fertilise your neighbour’s crops and they do get 1 XP too when they harvest it.

  78. Great resource for strategy of farming! Thank you for keeping up with this FV blog! It’s definitely in my bookmarks now.

    Q: Is there a way to get the black sheep out of the hot air balloon? Someone said once that it’s possible, but I’ve not found out how, yet.

    Note: Fertilizing neighbors plots gives 5coin, no XP

    • it gives 1 xp and 4coins

  79. Any news on the Turtle (to adopt)? What does it produce?

    • turtle eggs

  80. did you get turtles yet?

    • i have 1

  81. theres one missed out on the animals part! cbecause i just adopted a turtle!!!!!:D

  82. There’s been several times when I’ve been asked to help a brown or pink cow, I do, but I don’t seem to receive anything for it? How do you get a brown or pink cow?

    • Please add the new adoptable animal: Turtle – 3 days – get 86 coins — sell for 95 coins.

      Btw there is another mistake: Pink Cow sells for 40 coins, not 504…

      • thanks, some how my columns were shifted, hence the strange values you were seeing for the pink cow. I was on a friend’s laptop when I did that update, so that may be why.

  83. What is the red bulb looking thing over the heads of my animals. Does it mean you need to harvest them now?

    • yes the bulb over ur animals means u need to harvest

    • Please add: Pink Cow β€” harvest time 1 day β€” collect 18 coins β€” sell for 40 coins.

      Btw: the Black Sheep sells for 35 coins, not 15.

  84. pink cow in ‘farm’… how much do you get from that?

    • Please add: Pink Cow — harvest time 1 day — collect 18 coins — sell for 40 coins.

      • Pink cow is 18 pper harvest so it’s 3x the regular cow or 504 coins per week per lot (4 cows fit in a lot).

  85. I am wondering what the deal is with these elephants?! They take up so much space. Is it really worth having them, or is it more profitable to just sell them?

    • well, I ran out the numbers and as expected it’s not good. Because of how much room they take up, elephants are better then cows and worse then horses. I guess I’ll be keeping the others I got in storage for now.

      • They should have a harvest profit of over a 1000 coins to be somewhat worthwhile. They take up 3/4th of a square. Selling them is definitely much better for money.

        • Also, the Baby Elephants give you Circus Peanuts. That’s pretty funny ^^

  86. There is a new elephant

  87. I was just hacking my way through the Farmville XML, and it looks like the new ugly ducks will turn into a SWAN!!





    Swan image:

    • How do you get the farmville xml?

    • Steelowl: the Swan gives you 80 coins (every 2 days), and sells for 100 coins!

      • Steelowl: the Ugly Duck sells for 75 coins (can’t harvest it for money but in 3 days it transforms into a Swan).

        The Swan gives you 80 coins every 2 days and sells for 100 coins.

        • The Olive Tree sells for 60 coins, please add.

          • The Baby Elephant sells for 125 coins!

  88. what level can i send an olive tree?

    • You can send Olive Trees once you are Lv. 32.

      Steelowl: the Olive Tree sells for 60 coins, please add πŸ™‚

      Anyone know the stats of the new Ugly Duck you can adopt ?

  89. I noticed that a few people started considering space – although i dont generally compare vegies to trees or animals on this I do compare the animals to each other on a per square basis. If I can fit 6 chickens in the space of one cow then they are producing a lot more profit on a per space value than the cow.
    Actually in the middle of doing this sort of thing for myself and was looking for a few harvest values i was missing (and couldnt be bothered waiting for).
    Thanks for the info – great work!

    • I went the other way to SteelOwl and worked out my profit on an hourly basis.
      1 plot of land = 16 squares (smallest profitable thing)
      Cows and Horse = 4 squares
      Trees and other current animals take up 1 square.
      Acai = 3.291 per hour per square
      Olive = 1.167 per hour per square
      Goat = 1.125 (189 weekly)per hour per square
      Horse = 0.292 (49 weekly)per hour per square
      This doesn’t seriously affect the comparability of most animals except of course horses and cows – but does enable an easy comparison between vegies and animals/trees.
      I will be keeping my vegies for ease of harvesting – however my animals may expand after working all this out for myself.

      • yeah, it was worked out previously that for the most part animals and trees are more profitable then crops. the problem of course is that you don’t gain any xp from trees and animals and the sunk costs associated with filling a farm with them is pretty immense. I have been thinking that I might need to add another column to the tree/animal list that would show how much you make per week per “plot” allowing for a direct comparison with the numbers I present for the crops.

        If this sort of thing would be useful, I’ll be more then happy to work out the numbers and put them up.

        • I’ve been wondering about that for a while as well. It would be great to see those comparisons. In short, I think any tree or animal that gets you at least 90 coins a week makes for a better deal money-wise than any crop. This is in fact what most trees and animals get you, but you are not supposed to count the cows and horses since their weekly profit numbers are misleading : since you waste 1/4th of a square for them instead of 1/16th your profit is in fact much lower with them. So Horses are in fact good for 49.5 coins a week, not 198. If you sell a horse, however, you get 106 coins… So that’s what I usually do πŸ˜›

          • Also, the Acai Tree sells for 47 coins, please add πŸ™‚ Although I have NO idea why the sell option is even available for that one. Madness.

            PS: You misspelled ‘Avocado Tree’ in the grid.

          • ok, I’ve added in the lot profits. I think it really shows how shockingly bad the horses and cows are. Since you can make more money off of chickens than horses in the long run.

  90. do trees rot?? cuz i wanna wait till all my trees are able to harvest when my plants are. so again, do trees rot??

    • they do not. nor do animals. so you’re free to harvest them at your convenience even if that means literally months later πŸ™‚

      • kewl thnx, that helped alot

    • i want to get a turtle… so how to get it

  91. what happens when a pig is harvested? what does harvesting a pig mean? i better not be making bacon on my veggie friendly farm!

    • you’ll be happy to know that your pigs will give you mushrooms when you “harvest” them πŸ™‚

    • pigs are able to sniff out truffles

  92. pomegranate trees sell for 53 coins

  93. I really enjoyed reading this. The best strategy with ribbons in the mix now is to have multiple accounts so that you can gift yourself things that you need to achieve ribbons and/or have yourself as a neighbor. Also find friends with dead farms that you can clean up everyday…they load really fast. I really get tired of answering the unique question, and do barricade your avatar it is worth the space!

    • Wait, since when is the Goat like the absolute best thing in the game? Much better even than the Date Tree, weekly profit wise? This is strange…

      • Also, the Acai Tree sells for 47 coins, please add πŸ™‚ Although I have NO idea why the sell option is even available for that one. Madness.

      • Some cheaper stuff may grow quicker, therefore you will sell more.
        Just look below.

        A goat is better than a date tree because 54coins every 2days for a week = 189coins
        (7[days]/2[days to grow] x 54[profit]

        Where as 69 coins every 3 days from a date tree = 161coins.

        Really simple math I guess S:

  94. Good job on the calcs…I started with that and did some additional calculations based on if you were buying a tree vs getting it as a gift. Obviously if you are getting tree gifts then the order of income from worst to best as you’ve indicated in the table above. For instance – Lemon, lime, grapefruit, passionfruit, banana, pomegranate, and date trees are the best respectively.

    But I went one step further for those wanting to buy trees. I found a different scenario altogether. If you are buying the trees yourself, you’re incurring the upfront cost of purchasing them. By doing that, you have to consider the payback period – which is another business financial calculation that companies use to determine if an investment is worth making. The calculation is initial cost divided by the daily profit of the tree. I found that if you are looking at a short term time horizon (26-53 days) then the Cherry tree is your best bang for the buck. With a purchase price of $225 and an income of $9/day (18 per harvest which takes 2 days), you’re payback period is 25. That means that 25 days after buying and planting your cherry tree – you’re at the breakeven point and anything beyond that is pure profit. This is the best tree to buy unless you are looking at keeping the tree longer than 53 days. At that point the lemon tree is better.

    Now if you have a time horizon of 54-200 days then the tree of choice would be the lemon tree. It’s payback period is 34.76 days. It’s the best tree unless you are looking a real long term horizon – more than 200 days. Beyone 200 days, the Lime tree is your best buy.

    When buying trees the whole thing comes down to payback period as a starting point. If you don’t want to have trees on your plot too long but you want to buy them instead of requesting them via gifts then you should choose cherry or lemon trees. If you plan on having trees on your plot for a pretty long time…then the lime will serve you well. I was surprised to see what was better via payback periods. The cherry tree was the lowest at 25 days…followed by the lemon tree (34.76 days), then the apple tree (34.82), then the plum tree(35 days), then the orange tree (42.50 days, then the peach tree (42.55 days) and then finally the lime tree (50 days). This is as of level 16 and August 16th. New trees may become avail at a later time but those were the ones that were available to me for purchase. Lime does well if you want to keep it for a long time…but you have to wait 50 days until you just break even…for people that are content with leveling and such and want a nice looking plot with income over the long haul with minimal maintenance the lime tree is the way to go – IF you are purchasing your trees….otherwise get them via gifts…good luck.

    • it’s true that purchasing trees yelds much lower profit margins. However, the trees with the highest profit margin can not be purchased with coins. In any case it is a sunk cost. So, what you are talking about is capital recovery not really profit. Capital recovery would include other factors as well, such as the cost of expanding your farm.

      • i believe that the date tree is the best tree out there…on the long term i have 200 of them and believe to get back my investment in 1 month a a half…and then just wait three days to earn about 13.8k and also won 1600 xp for them

        • 13.8k from 200 date trees every 3days after 1.5months, dam that’s a waste of space I think. Trees are just for show on my farm, they never get a harvest because they look better like that, Although I could do with the money, as I spent over 500,000 on making my farm look good and upgrading the size, I’m really addicted too

  95. Here’s a trick to speed up harvesting. Where your little farmer appears when you first log in can be boxed in with various decorations (I use 4 fence pieces) to make him stay in the middle. When you click on squares to harvest the bounty, the game doesn’t wait for him/her to get over to that square. Double-click and you can till at the same time. You might want to turn off the speakers as some of the animal sounds get stuck in a rapid loop and it sounds like they are getting ready to riot and trample the poor farmer.

    Happy farming!

  96. 16 trees can fit on one crop square. So wouldn’t maximum profit be achieved by completely filling the whole farm with Date Trees?

    • Haha yeah it would but dont forget to leave a little 1×1 square in the middle for your farmer to stand when u log into the game.
      Seriously though, wouldnt it be boring with like 300 date trees? πŸ˜› but hey its up to you πŸ™‚

    • You should include the 15 coins cost impact for each plant, since this is what you have to invest preparing the soil.

    • filling your farm would be time consuming to say the least, harvesting each one especially if cramped would be confusing and the added fact that you wouldnt gain any xp you’d just remain at your lvl with admittly a large ammount of cash, but it takes the fun out of the game so id advise having a variety of crops trees and animals and playing farmville as it was intended… just a game.

  97. The Brown Cow sells for 15 coins.

  98. Good Morning,

    Horse is 84 coins in 3 days
    Goat is 54 coins in 2 days

    HAVE A GREAT DAY !!!!!

  99. Please tell me how you can gift items to yourself with just 1 facebook account. I don’t see how it is possible, really ?!

    • I never said it was possible to do it with just one account. just that it is possible. Alternatively, you can just find a friend who plays the game a much as you do and tell them what you would prefer that they send you. In which case it’s nearly the same as gifting an item to yourself.

      • lame

  100. Date Tree
    69 coins – 3 days
    Weekly of 161
    Don’t know sell Price

  101. Would the size of the animal also affect profit margins? For example, a cow takes up a lot more space than a rabbit.

    I do not have goats yet, but I assume they will take up more than one square of land and thus you could have 2 ducks (+) in the same space.

    If so, could we also get information showing a weekly profit per square of land? It would be quite useful

    • I’ll check, but if I remember right only cows and horses take up extra space. Surprisingly goats take up just as much room as chickens and ducks.

      • Er, no. Goats take less space than cows but more than chickens and rabbits. I think you can fit 4 goats in one plot.

        • while I agree that it seems like goats should take up more space, they actually don’t. as you can see by this screen shot

          it’s possible to fit 16 goats into a single plot, the same is true of chickens and trees. Only cows and horses take up additional space.

          • Actually goats only go 12 to a plot

          • Have they changed it?
            I ask because I have personally been able to stick 16 goats into a single plot before, as seen by this screenshot

    • You should add the data for the Date Tree. 3 Days, 69 coins. It’s better than Pomegranate trees even!

  102. what level do u need 2 b at to get a goat? also what level is it 4 a horse?

  103. great site! horse gives 84 coins. i think goat gives more than 42 too, correct me if im wrong.

    • I’ll take a look, but the values I have listed are what was displayed when I had them on hand.

  104. Please show stats for a Brown Cow
    Harvest 1 day
    Profit is 12
    don’t know sell Price

    • The black sheep, unlike the normal white sheep, sells for 35 coins. Please add =)

  105. when you ‘harvest a rabbit’ you get 60 coins as it says you are harvesting angora wool whatever that is

    • The rabbit only takes 4 days now. please update.

      • duly noted, thanks πŸ™‚

  106. I have some of the missing numbers for sale of trees. Feel free to add them to your list.

    Sell Plum Tree for 17 coins
    Sell Lemon Tree for 23 coins
    Sell Peach Tree for 25 Coins
    Sell Pomegranate for 53 coins

    Love the site. Probably the best Farmville blog out there. THANKS !

    • Sell Lime Tree for 37 coins

    • thanks, sorry it took me awhile to get it updated. I’ve just been busy the past couple days.

  107. Hey, I just harvested a Rabbit (5 days) for Angora Wool, 60 coins. Put that in the grid πŸ™‚

  108. Rabbits are harvest-able now πŸ™‚

    • Oh, and rabbits give 60 coins per harvest.

  109. What level does one have to be at to gift the horse?

  110. Oh, I never would have guessed that that’s the case. How misleading. I don’t mind selling some trees to find out actual sell prices since I can send them to my other account easily. I can’t do that for that Acai, though; as fun as it is, I’m not spending real money on this game.

    And great to know that Pomegranate is worth more. I’ll be sending that out as my daily gift. If you’re interested, add me on facebook and I’ll send you some… If only someone could send me one back!

  111. Do you need information on the Pomegranate tree? I just unlocked it and can send it to my other account if you do.

    • it would be most appreciated if you could. You’re welcome to either post it here or email it to me. πŸ™‚

      As for being quick to add information. I try to keep things as up to date as I’m aware of it. Since, I strive for accurate informatoin. Even if it means proving myself wrong

      • It sells for 108 coins and harvests in 5 days. So in 5 days I can let you know what I harvest it for. I took a screenshot of the info that I can send you if you want it, just e-mail me requesting it.

        • Well, you’ll be surprised to find that it harvests for 108 in 5 days. It’s kind of silly but the “sell” price that’s listed is how much you get for harvesting. Actually selling the tree will generate a different amount. This is why I’m missing the sell price on several of the trees. I haven’t personally acquired them and sold them to see how much you get for them.

          Thanks for the information btw, this means that the pomegranate trees actually out perform even goats.

          • F.Y.I= you dont have to actually sell the item to know its sell price. If you click on sell, it will ask you if you are sure you want to sell the item for xxx amount of coins, and you can just click cancel.

  112. Thanks for this info! And thanks for updating it so quickly when new features are added πŸ™‚

  113. yep, but think about this, every crop uses 9 slot compared to the size of a tree, so that leaves us with 9 trees per crop. but due the fact that we need to get in to harvest the last or even the middle one trees we coul only harvest 6 trees per crop y we skept the middle ones, and live that part empty for the little man to acces it. in money talk, youΒ΄ll be making $108 each 2 days if you plant cherry trees only. and thats the lowest value. so you only need tu cut off one tree per line of trees. and plant a tree every 2 positions. you get the idea??

  114. Does anyone have a list at what level each gift becomes available?


  115. Update: I tried to put the cherry tree strat into practice and hit a major game bug on the first harvest. The app locks up when you try to reach a tree you can’t walk too; you can’t walk between trees. That means you need empty space or plots between your cherry trees. Empty space greatly decreases the value of this strategy, making it take 6 months before you even break even. And then your income is only 20% more than normal. I’d just put a row of plots, 2 rows of cherry trees, a row of plots, etc.

    • I noticed the same, and furthermore figured out that also one cannot reach the tree if it is only diagonally connected to an empty space.

      I wonder what happens if a field is totally surrounded by trees and one needs to harvest it? Have to try that out.

      • Thanks for doing the diagonal experiment for me. I was going to wait until my next harvest to try it myself. That ruins another idea I had. Not that it makes much difference unless trees become easier to harvest.

    • in reality all you need is one space in between rows with one opening in ever row but the end rows, you don’t need any plots. but as you said in your other post it takes way to long to harvest at this time I think that if trees or animals are harvestable you should only have to click on it, like the plots of land

  116. Okay, sleeplessness led me to do a more thorough analysis. Assuming a 14×14 farm, you can in fact fill it up with cherry trees after only 34 days. After 50 more days of cherry harvests you’d earn back the costs and then from there you’d be making twice as much income as peppers. An extra 60 days could let you fill up with sheep instead, but it would take 11 months to make up for that 60 days’ worth of income. It took about the same amount of time to do a cherry tree to sheep transition as making sheep only. I’ve uploaded my spreadsheet to http://www.geocities.com/pleasespamme2004/farmville.xls so others can double check it.

    • As far as I know cherry trees reach their break even point after 25 days already (225$ / 18$ per harvest * 2 days per harvest).
      Everything else you say seems to make sense, only: How much of your precious lifetime would it take to harvest the 3136 cherry trees every 2 days? πŸ˜€
      Even if you managed to harvest one tree per second (which I seriously doubt considering the fumbling with 16 trees per space and always clicking on “harvest” instead on “sell”) you would need almost one hour. Double or triple this time and you have something realistic. Nice theory though πŸ™‚

      • It takes ~50 days to break even using the *difference* in profit between the cherry trees and the pepper plants that you displace, since peppers give about half as much profit per space as cherry trees.

        I didn’t think of harvest time. I think I may be screwed there unless the developers make trees easier to harvest. If you’ll notice my next post then you’ll see that only 1/3 of my land would be going to cherry trees since you can’t harvest a tree that you can’t walk to (so I put pepper plots in between double rows of cherry trees). Even then harvesting sounds like a pain. It does make them easier to click on though.

        Hmmm… I think I better stop planting cherry trees now and wait to see if harvesting ever gets easier. If I want to waste my life on farmville then there’s a better strat I just posted in the power leveling section. At least for power leveling (not money). Or better yet I can stick to checking my farm once per day and retain my sanity.

        • There should be a “harvest all” button, where you harvest everything that is harvestable and ready.

  117. Hey,
    Great to see your figures.
    What about the buildings – do they offer any benefits at all?

    • thanks πŸ™‚
      currently, the buildings appear to be purely cosmetic

      • I believe one of the help menus says that buildings will have game effects in the future or “don’t yet” have a game effect, so they may or may not have one in the future. I’m gonna jump on that opportunity if I see it.

        As for the rabbits, getting another rabbit would be nice and a somewhat plausible game addition. Eventually it would not be exponential; you would run out of space and be forced to sell. So effectively you’d get 60 coins per rabbit per 5 days, or 12 coins per day. And I think 16 fit in the same space as a plot of land, giving 192 per day. That would be much better than veggies, of course, and better than the trees & animals you can buy, but not better than some of the other gifted items. But, unlike the other gifted items, you’d be able to fill your farm with rabbits. 20% profit per day is also better than the other trees/animals you can buy.

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