FarmVille – Harvest Profit Margins

July 2, 2009


So, I’ve been working though the levels in farmville and I’ve been surprised at how long soybeans remain the most practical. Below are the results of my findings. I will be updating this list as I am able to.

Plant Cost Sell Price Time (days) Weekly Profit (Assuming 24 hr days) Weekly Profit (Assuming 23 hr days)
Strawberry 10 35 0.166…. 420* 420*
Poinsettia** 45 126 1 462 462
Sweet Potato** 10 125 1 700 730.4348
Sweet Corn** 10 125 0.25 2800* 2800*
Super Berries** 10 100 0.08333… 6300* 6300*
Eggplant 25 88 2 168 175.30
Wheat 35 115 3 151.667 158.26
Soybeans 15 63 1 231 241.04
Squash 40 121 2 231 241.04
Pumpkin 30 68 0.33… 483* 483*
Artichokes 70 204 4 208.25 217.30
Rice 45 96 0.5 504* 504*
Raspberries 20 46 0.0833… 924* 924*
Daffodils 60 135 2 210 219.13
Cotton 75 207 3 273 284.87
Cranberries 55 98 0.41666… 470.4* 470.4*
Bell Peppers 75 198 2 378 394.4
Peppers 70 162 1 539 562.43
Morning Glory 60 123 0.5 672* 672*
Aloe Vera 50 85 0.25 560* 560*
Pineapple 95 242 2 462 482.09
Red Tulips 75 159 1 483 504
Pattypan Squash 65 160 0.666… 840* 840*
Blueberries 50 91 0.1666… 1092* 1092*
Watermelon 130 348 4 355.25 370.70
Grapes 85 270 1 1190 1241.739
Tomatoes 100 173 0.333… 1218* 1218*
Pink Roses 120 254 2 416.5 434.6
Potatoes 135 345 3 455 455
Carrots 110 200 0.5 1050* 1050*
Coffee 120 243 0.666… 1134* 1134*
Corn 150 380 3 501.67 523.48
Sunflowers 135 315 1 1155 1205.22
Ghost Chili 80 136 0.25 1148* 1148*
Cabbage 140 388 2 815.5 850.9565
Green Tea 105 191 0.41666… 1192.8* 1192.8*
Black Berries 75 117 0.1666… 1134* 1134*
Red Wheat 180 449 3 592.666… 618.4348
Sugar Cane 165 235 0.333… 1155* 1155*
Peas 190 381 1 1231 1285.565
Yellow Melon 205 528 4 539 562.4348
Onion 170 268 0.5 1162* 1162*
Broccoli 200 473 2 903 943.26
Lilies 195 369 1 1113 1161,391
Acorn Squash 175 258 0.41666… 1134* 1134*
Asparagus 220 357 0.666…. 1281* 1281*

* in each of these cases, it is assumed the maximum number of harvests are done each day, a break down of each of these follows in the next table
**This is an item that was only offered for a brief amount of time

Plant Profit Per Havest Total Harvests Per Day Total XP Per Day
Strawberry 10 6 12
Sweet Cornq** 115 4 16
Super Berries** 75 12 36
Pumpkin 23 3 6
Rice 36 2 4
Raspberries 11 12 12
Cranberries 28 2.4 4.8
Morning Glory 48 2 4
Aloe Vera 20 4 8
Pattypan Squash 80 1.5 3
Blueberries 26 6 12
Ghost Chili 41 4 8
Green Tea 85 2.4 4.8
Tomatoes 58 3 6
Carrots 75 2 4
Coffee 108 1.5 3
Black Berries 27 6 12
Sugar Cane 55 3 6
Onion 83 2 4
Acorn Squash 68 2.4 4.8
Asparagus 122 1.5 3

The only reason I tend to recommend against these plants is that they are rather fragile in terms of how easily they can die. That is to say, if you do not harvest them in a timely fashion you can lose the entire crop. That’s why I prefer to stick with wait times which are 1 day or longer. However, if you can keep these harvested on a regular basis, they have a higher potential than most of the other plants.

Explanation of Tables

Because there has been some confusion with regard to the above tables. I’ve added this section to help explain what the numbers in each column represent.

Cost: This is how much it costs to plant this kind of seed in an already plowed field. This is the listed price and it does
not take anything else into consideration

Sell Price: This is how much money you get when this plant is harvested. This is the listed price and does not take any
other factors into consideration.

Time (days): This is how many days it takes for the plant to mature. For plants which mature in less than one day a value less than 1 will be displayed. These values are arrived at with the following formula.

Time (Days) = Time(hrs)/24

Weekly Profit:(Assuming 24 hr days) This is how much money you would make if you planted the same crop and harvested it at the same time every day for a week. It should be noted that a farmville day is 23 hours. The reason this is listed is because it may be impractical to harvest every 23 hours, since this would result in having to harvest it one hour earlier every day. Additionally, these numbers take into account the plowing cost of 15. The formula used is as follows.

Weekly Profit = 7 x ((Sell Price – (Seed Cost + 15)) / Time)

Weekly Profit: (Assuming 23 hr days): This is how much money you would make if you planted the same crop and harvested it as soon as it was ready and did this for a week. Keep in mind that this is the theoretical maximum and unless you’re willing/able to harvest at all hours of the day your number will end up being slightly lower. Because plants that take less then one day were already on an hourly basis the formula is only altered for those plants with harvest times of 1 day or longer.Β  The formula is as follows

Weekly Profit =Β  7 x 24 x ((Sell Price – (Seed Cost+15)) /(Time *23))

Hopefully, this will help everyone understand the above tables. While it’s true that I do not actually list the plowing cost of 15 anywhere in the tables. They have been taken into account.

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  1. currently the most profitable seed is FIRE ROSE its about 1866 coins per lot per week!

  2. http://www.baquetphoto.com/farmville.pdf

  3. White Corn

    unlock for 7 days 25 FVcash
    cost 10 coins
    time 0.25
    harvest 125 coins
    xp 3

    no mastery for this seed

  4. New Flower
    Morning Glory
    Harvest in 12 Hours
    Cost 60
    Sell 123

    Weekly Profit of 672
    I do not know the Mastery numbers yet

    • thanks πŸ™‚

    • Mastery Numbers for Morning Glory

      1st star is 500
      2nd star is 1000
      3rd star is 1500

      very do-able

  5. Hi,

    I am at level 31, with 285k coins, which would be the quickest coin earner, so far i have been using blueberries, but was wondering if this woudld be the highest profit for long term, i am aiming for the 1,000,000 villa!!!!

    Many thanks!

  6. I’ve made an app to compare the profit margin of crops graphically:

    feedback would be appreciated!

    • He, I was creating same table. I have a suggestion. You must include plow cost in the Cost values once you need to plow each cycle. AND, include 1 XP per plow for Total XP per Day calculation.

  7. can u make a page about crop mastery, cause some crops are easier to master than other (in terms of harvests and time taken to get a mastery) i just want to know which ones and to wat degree are they easier πŸ™‚

    would be greatly appretiated and very interesting

    • I sent something to Steelowl – Hopefully all your questions will be answered shortly

  8. What do color codes in the charts mean?

  9. add 15 coins to each buy price for crops so it includes the cost of plowing

    • yep, that’s exactly what I do in my equations

  10. Will you be adding Poinsettas?

    • yep, it’s added now. It’s not that great of a plant, but atleast it is a flower so it counts toward those ribbons and can be shared with friends.

  11. I’ve got a question. I’m new to farmville, and I was wondering: you buy something from the market, like eggplants. They grow and you harvest them. If you want to plant eggplants again, do you have to buy them again?

    • yep, but first you’ll need to re-plow the field as well.

    • your list doesnt have lilies on it. why not?

      • ok… that was weird. I remember adding it quite awhile ago, even had it in the table that I copy over to the blog from. Well, they’re there now, and hopefully they won’t disappear again.

        • Lavender is TBD but you had it a while ago here:
          Lavender 160 384 2 732 0.5

          • why don’t you know the information on lavender anyway?

          • Grimlins

    • pointsettas!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks for great article. Just a quick note though, I think you tend to confuse then and than when you write. Than should be used as a comparative – they have a higher potential THAN other crops…
    Then is a place in time, those seeds were only available THEN.

    • You’re welcome. I agree that it is easy to misuse those words and that a simple spell check won’t catch the misuse when it occurs. So, I will be sure to watch for it πŸ™‚

  13. Hi! would you mind updating this charts please? Thank you very much in advance!

    • Please add the Sweet Seeds event crop: Sweet Corn

      Cost: 10 coins
      Sell for: 125 coins
      Harvest in: 6 hours
      XP gained: 3 XP!!

      Note that this crop cannot wither, and will only be available for planting for 7 days, and you will need to pay 25 FV cash to be able to plant it. Half of this money goes to a project in Haiti to help the people/children there.

      You also get an exclusive Sweet Seeds Donor flag, be able to send the Sweet Seeds Gift Flag, and allow people to claim a blue Sweet Seeds Reward flag from the link you publish.

      Since it’s only 10 coins for 3 XP, this crop is better than soy beans to power level! (Planting some crops of Sweet Corn/Soy Beans and then deleting them so you get a lot of XP in a shorter time). But since it’s only 6 hours, you would actually already level very fast, since you couldn’t get that much XP in 6 hours otherwise.

      That’s all the info there is to give! πŸ˜‰

      If anyone is going to buy this, let me know so I can friend you on Facebook – I have it myself so I can gift you the Sweet Seeds Gift flag! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks. πŸ™‚

    • there aren’t any lilies…

      • I just checked and they’re still in my game. If you sort by flowers its the last one on the list.

  14. Pls tell me secrets of farm ville..i need more cash..pls tell me pls… πŸ™‚

  15. Can you update the XP Per Day table to include Peas and sunflowers and other high yield cash crops.

    If possible perhaps this can be integrated with your cash yield table.

    • I had not included those because the xp/day rate on most of them would be 3 or less. Additionally, when I ran out the numbers in my leveling costs article I found that even when combined with power leveling the crops that take less then a day to grow allow you to level faster then high cash crops.

  16. a remark: with the plants cost you should add 15 too all, because it cost 15 to plow,
    for a cheap plant like strawberrie that quickly reduces how profitable a plant is…

    • As I explain in my equations. I do take the 15 plowing cost into consideration when I calculate profit. The reason I don’t list it as part of the cost is so that my table will exactly match the in game information. Thus reducing confusion over where my numbers came from.

  17. what do the different colours represent?

    • for the first table, blue represents the highest profit item. However, since it was a limited edition item it can generally be ignored. It is listed only for completeness. Green represents the highest profit item you can get for that level. Yellow represents the highest profit item you can get for that level that has a harvest time of one day or longer.

      for the 2nd table, it’s a similar break down but instead of profit its colored by experience gained. When the expereince gained between two items is the same then preference is given to the one that gives the most money between the two.

      You can essentially think of the colors as being the “recommended” plants. Green always being the best and yellow being the best if the green isn’t practical due to time constraints.

  18. Great website, thanks very much. I noticed a small error in the xp chart. Asparagus is 2xp +1, so it’s daily xp value is 4.5.

    • Oops, I meant “its” not “it’s”.

    • thanks πŸ™‚

  19. I need to new neighbours as I want to expand… how can I find friends?

    • Check out the article I wrote on the topic here

      It talks about how to get lots of friends for any app game. Enjoy πŸ™‚

  20. Does anyone know why a couple of plots of my wheat are sparkling with twinkling stars? What am I supposed to do with that?

    • its called Fertilizer….

      Numbers for Lavender
      Sell 384
      Harvest 2 days
      Cost 160
      Weekly Profit 731.5

      Sell 369
      Harvest 1 Day
      Cost 195
      Weekly profit 1113

      • Flower Power ribbon on FarmVille game is easy to achieved. All you have to do is harvest a certain amount of flowers. The ribbon is consist of four colours that you should achieved. Each colour ribbon has their own spesification :

        Yellow Ribbon
        Needs : 30 flowers to harvest.
        Rewards that you’ve got : 25 XP and 500 coins.
        Reward for your friends : 50 coins.

        White Ribbon
        Needs : 500 flowers to harvest.
        Rewards that you’ve got : 50 XP and 2500 coins.
        Reward for your friends : 100 coins.

        Red Ribbon
        Needs : 2500 flowers to harvest.
        Rewards that you’ve got : 100 XP and 5000 coins.
        Reward for your friends : 250 coins.

        Blue Ribbon
        Needs : 12500 flowers to harvest.
        Rewards that you’ve got : 250 XP and 10000 coins.
        Reward for your friends : 500 coins.

    • Acorn Squash is 10 hours,
      plant cost: 175 (+15 coins to plow)
      harvest for: 258 coins.

      • thanks!

    • One of your friends visited your farm and fertilized those particular sparkling plot of land. When you visit a friend, you help them and then are given an option of fertilizing their crops, you get enough fertilizer for 5 plots of land. You profit from fertilizing and your friend does also when they harvest. Its a win/win situation, but it takes time to visit all your friends—however, if your hard up for coins, its a way to add to your bank.

  21. Your sugar cane numbers are wrong.

    • Please add the Event crop: Sweet Potato.

      Cost: 10 coins
      Sell for: 125 coins
      Harvest in: 1 day
      XP gained: 3 XP!

      Note that this crop cannot wither, so you could keep it around for longer than 2 days without it withering.

      This crop will only be available for 7 days (starting this Friday), and you will need to pay 25 FV cash to be able to plant it. Half of this money goes to a project in Haiti to help the people/children there.

      You also get an exclusive Sweet Seeds flag if you get the Sweet Potato deal!

      And of course since it’s only 10 coins for 3 XP, this crop is 1/4th better than soy beans to power level! (Planting some crops of Sweet Potatoes/Soy Beans and then deleting them so you get a lot of XP in a shorter time).

      That’s all the info there is to give! πŸ˜‰

  22. some of your 23hour day and 24hour day profits are the same which surly isntpossible for any of the crops even if they take less than a day.

    • yes and no. The distinction between the two terms is how I treat crops that have a harvest time of 1 day+ . In one I treat a “day” as 24 hours and in the other I treat it as 23 hours. This distinction has no effect on crops that are not expressed in days.

      The other thing to consider is the situations in which the numbers are used. If you’re looking at it on a 24 hour basis then you are saying that you’ll only harvest your crops at a certain time every day. For most of the crops that have harvest times of less then one day, such a strategy is impracticable as the crops would die before you harvested them. Essentially, a 24 hour day is meaningless for crops that have harvest times of less then one day. For simplicity I opted to duplicate the numbers rather then putting a dash or zero, which I felt could be confusing and/or make the table more difficult to use.

  23. What’s with the baby elephants on farmville? Who has ever seen an elephant on a far?

    • So the latest news on FarmVille this morning is that – for 48 hours only – the circus in town and they’re giving away baby elephants! Did you get yours yet? If not, give a baby elephant to all of your neighbors and hope that they return …


        • Please add the new Event crop: Sweet Potato.

          Cost: 10 coins
          Sell for: 125 coins
          Harvest in: 1 day
          XP gained: 3 XP!

          Note that this crop cannot wither, so you could keep it around for longer than 2 days without it withering.

          This crop will only be available for 7 days (starting this Friday), and you will need to pay 25 FV cash to be able to plant it. Half of this money goes to a project in Haiti to help the people/children there.

          You also get an exclusive Sweet Seeds flag if you get the Sweet Potato deal!

          And of course since it’s only 10 coins for 3 XP, this crop is 1/4th better than soy beans to power level! (Planting some crops of Sweet Potatoes/Soy Beans and then deleting them so you get a lot of XP in a shorter time).

          That’s all the info there is to give! πŸ™‚

  24. oh and:

    ALLOW WALK ALL & STAY ALL icons at the bottom of the screen

  25. I’ve thought of some new ideas as I think once you are past level 37 it gets quite boring:

    Cucumber – Crop, Level 26
    Courgette – Crop, Level 48
    Marrow – Crop, 5 Days, Level 39
    Sweet Potato – Crop, Level 42
    Spring Onion – Crop, Level 40
    Red Onion – Crop, Level 47
    Broad Beans – Crop, Level 50
    Leek – Crop, Level 51
    Lettuce – Crop, Level 41
    Barley – Crop, Level 52
    Rye – Crop, Level 58
    Hops – Crop, Level 49
    Oats – Crop, Level 46
    Flax – Crop, Level 54
    Cranberries – Crop, Level 38
    Kiwi – Crop, Level 43
    Runner Beans – Crop, Level 57
    String Beans – Crop, Level 36
    Beetroot – Crop, Level 29
    Turnip – Crop, Level 53
    Brussel Sprout – Crop, Level 59
    Gooseberries – Crop, Level 60
    Celery – Crop, Level 61
    Blackcurrant – Crop, Level 62
    Rhubarb – Crop, Level 55
    Radish – Crop, Level 56
    Redcurrant – Crop, Level 44
    Green Grapes – Crop, Level 45
    Llama – Available to send at Level 24, Llama Wool
    Lychee Tree – Available to send at Level 25
    Starfruit Tree – Available to send at Level 27
    Mango Tree – Available to send at Level 28
    Coconut Tree – Available to send at Level 29
    Donkey – Available to send at Level 26 (Unable to harvest)
    Alpaca – Available to send at Level 30, Alpaca Wool
    Nectarine Tree – Available to send at Level 31
    Guava Tree – Available to send at Level 32
    White Horse – Adopting, Gives White Horsehair
    Golden Chicken – Adopting, Gives Golden Eggs (Harvest for 1000 coins every 4 days)
    Saddleback Pig – Adopting, Gives Assorted Truffles
    Ribbon Table – Purchase for 600 coins and people on your farm can see the ribbons you have won
    Seeds Menu – β€˜Other’ Column
    Cacao Tree (Gives Cocoa Pods, Which Give Cocoa Beans) – Purchase for 27 FV CASH, GIVES 2 FV CASH EVERY 8 DAYS!

    • you have a number of interesting suggestions. I would recommend posting them on the official forums if you want to see them implemented since I’m just a player like yourself.

    • These are great ideas! I wish FarmVille would hire you as a game brainstormer.

    • You’re forgetting hemp. I believe that hemp should be included. Hemp was at one point one of the most prolific and lucrative crops. In World War II the U.S. government released a film called “Hemp for Victory”. At the time the majority of fibers used in ropes originated in Japanese controlled regions. In order to make up for the lack of fibers strong enough for rope, the government condoned the growing of hemp. Therefore the Cannabis Indica species of hemp should be included. You may be thinking,” Hey, that’s weed. That’s bad.” But the Cannabis Indica strain of hemp gives the best fibers and has less trichomes containing THC then the Cannabis Sativa strain, which is the type most commonly used for recreational smoking.

  26. what are super berries? am new to farmville, and have just been using soybean…

    • Steelowl… Great site! Just hit level 32… Set myself a target to hit level 34 a long time ago… Now that I’m getting close I’m wondering if there are any targets that are good enough to keep me on after I get the villa?

      • and xyza… Superberries were a one weekend only addition…. stay with the soybeans for a while

    • wish they would give us
      super pumpkins for Halloween…..

  27. Good Friday Everyone

    Green Tea Stats

    Harvest 10 Hours
    Cost 105
    Profit 191
    Weekly Profit is 1192.8 (24 hours)

    Have a great weekend all

  28. What is going to happen with the hot air baloons?

  29. Guys, how to get green money? know U can buy them using ur real credit card but is there any other way how to get them? or what is the way those money is given u???

  30. http://public.sheet.zoho.com/public/annajo/farm
    hope you guys find this site useful. I did an analysis too!

  31. I am on level 24 and I don’t know wheather I should use all of my farm space as crop space or keep it like a normal farm.

    • It really depends on if you put more emphasis on leveling/making money or aesthetics. I know some people who care more about how it looks then how much money they make and vise versa.

      this is why my numbers are on a per plot basis.

  32. I have yet to see anyone’s CPH (coins per hour) analysis factor in the bonus +100 coins randomly dropped while plowing. My small sample indicates that these “random” drops are around 1 every 50 to 60 plows. This affects the CPH fractionally, but enough to reorder some of the CPH tables.

    • Yes, the Golden Potatoes are apparently random. They act to increase yield for shorter cycle crops relative to longer cycle crops.

      If someone would please obtain a robust measure of the frequency of this bonus, I can determine it’s impact on relative yields.

  33. We need stats for the Swan

  34. Did the Broccoli go down in XP

    • Just updated my crop selection spreadsheet.

      Here are the 32 crops ranked highest to lowest based on net revenue per hour:

      Crop Revenue per plot/hour
      ========== =====================
      Sugar Cane 7.75
      Asparagus 7.63
      Onion 7.50
      Peas 7.33
      Tomatoes 7.25
      Grapes 7.08
      Sunflower 6.88
      Coffee 6.75
      Black Berries 6.75
      Blueberries 6.50
      Carrots 6.25
      Raspberries 5.50
      Broccolli 5.38
      Cabbage 4.85
      Red Wheat 3.53
      Aloe Vera 3.33
      Peppers 3.21
      Yellow Melon 3.21
      Rice 3.00
      Corn 2.99
      Pumpkin 2.88
      Pineapples 2.75
      Potatoes 2.71
      Strawberries 2.50
      Bell Peppers 2.25
      Watermelom 2.11
      Cotton 1.63
      Soybeans 1.38
      Squash 1.38
      Artichokes 1.24
      Eggplant 1.00
      Wheat 0.90

      (disclaimer: results are based on 24 hour day, with no allowances made for time spent planting or harvesting: values are comparative, not theoretical.)

      you can see the full spreadsheet here:


      – da

    • I have 323 plots on level 31 but I always do sunflowers so question is do I make more money sticking to sunflowers or changing to sugarcane?

      • it really depends on what you’re after. I would recommend switching to grapes until you’re able to do peas if money is what you’re after. If you’re looking to level faster I would recommend doing blackberries. If you’re looking for something in between tomatoes are probably the best way to go since you’ll make only slightly less money but will get more xp then what you’d get doing grapes.

        sugar cane simply isn’t all that good

        • IM LEVEL 56.>>>>
          is any one higher than me?????

      • Right, at level 31 Grapes are the most profitable one-day crop [net 7.08 coins per plot/hour]

        Once you make it to level 32, you’ll be able to plant Peas, [7.33]

        Sugarcane will net you a whopping 7.75, but you must harvest and replant immediately so as to get 3 crops per day to earn that yield.

        Black Berries only yield 6.75, and must be harvested and replanted every 4 hours!

        So, if you’re fond of a good nights sleep, consider Grapes as your most profitable crop until you have access to Peas.

        Hope that helps!

        • I was just looking at your spreadsheet. There’s something weird going on with your sugar cane. the net planted cost should be 180 not 177

          • You’re right, there was a problem with net planted cost; it should be the sum of seed cost plus plow cost, but for some odd reason it was a random plug-number. I can’t explain it, so I’ll just blame my fat fingers.

            Sheet is corrected and re-published:


            Good eye. . .Thanks for the catch!


  35. And now there’s GRAPES, PEAS, and ASPARAGUS!!

    Sell for: 270
    Cost: 85
    Harvest in: 1 Day
    Weekly Profit: 1190

    Sell for: 381
    Cost: 190
    Harvest in: 1 Day
    Weekly Profit: 1232!!! MOVE OVER TOMATOES!!

    Asparagus (level 37 needed)
    Sell for: 357
    Cost: 220
    Harvest in: 16 Hours (2/3 a day)
    Weekly Profit: 1220

    Oh and on my farmville, Onions are selling for 275… Making them earn 1260 a week. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

    • And sugar cane now sells for 239 coins, so it makes 1239/week. Are you keeping up with all of this Steel Owl? >_>

    • Are you sure the Peas harvest in 1 Day
      Why do you say
      Move over Tomatoes – which are 8 Hours


      • Oh I said move over tomatoes because they use to make the most amount of weekly profit. So if you were trying to get nothing but money, they were THE crop to plant 24-7. But now that is no longer the case! Sugar Cane is now a better 8 hour crop, and the onions make the most weekly profit.

    • If you want to see how the 32 different crops compare, check this out this Google Docs spreadsheet I put together:


      • Dan – your sheet is awesome

    • Important note: Peas get you 3 XP instead of the usual 2 for a crop that only takes 1 day. This makes it better than Sunflowers, for money too!

      • Finally

        I was getting tired of planting the same ol’ Sunflowers

      • I can’t get to the Peas yet – have to stick with Grapes – for a couple more levels

  36. It seems that your formulas are incorrect, despite me trying to help you.

    Just look on the zynga forums for much more complete and accurate formulas, worksheets, tips and more.

    • which formula is incorrect and why?
      I am now using two sets of fomulas to reflect the profit you will see depending on your situation. The 24 hour formula assumes you’re only able to harvest at a specfic time each day. The 23 hour formula assumes that you harvest as soon as the crops are ready. Both have been provided so that the player has an accurate number depending on what situation they wish to model. your last post prior to this one replicated the formulas I am using exactly, so it seems more of a misunderstanding on your part then mine.

      If there is something I’m doing incorrectly please let me know. show me what the number should be compared to the number I am calculating.

    • hey…just one short question regarding peppers.
      *plowing cost 15 + seed price 75 = 85
      *harvest revenue 162

      which leads to : 162 – 85 = 77 (less than you first invested to plant it)
      am i wrong or is this a “trap” ?

      • sorry. seed cost = 70 (my math and the result is ok tho)

      • you’re double dipping, hence the confusion. When you calculated profit you already took into account the cost of growing the plant (both seed and plowing). Just because your costs are more then 50% of the total money you’re being given, it does not mean that it’s a bad deal or that you’re losing money

        For example, look at a lemonade stand. Now suppose it costs you 10 cents per glass and so you charge 15 cents. You’re still making money even though 2/3 of the money you’re making only pays for the ingredients.

        In the case of the peppers you are spending 85 coins, but when it’s harvested you’re receiving 162 coins. So the progression of money is as follows
        85 in pocket
        bought seed
        0 in pocket
        sold crop
        165 in pocket

        at this point you now have 165 in hand when you only started with 85.

        • i didn’t think of the practical approach.i was only shocked by the numbers.
          so if i stick to peppers it won’t end out in bankruptcy? :))
          thanks for the explanations. πŸ˜€

          • ok.i realised where my mistake was.can’t believe i was so short-sighted. πŸ˜€

  37. And now there are onions and sugar canes available to buy!! Is anyone a high enough level to give us details on these new seeds?

    I think the table needs to be updated to show these plus the other three that Natasha posted… The black berries, Aloe Vera, and Cabbage.

    • Sugar Cane (Level 31)
      Harvest 8 Hours
      Cost 165
      Profit 235
      Weekly Profit is 1155

      Onion (Level 34)
      Harvest 12 Hours
      Cost 170
      Profit 268
      Weekly Profit is 1162

      Olive Tree Can only be gifted at Level 32
      Harvests in 4 Days – Profit is 112
      So Weekly Profit is 196

      Hope I have the numbers right
      Have a Great Long Weekend Everyone

      • Blackberries (Level 29)
        Harvests in 4 Hours
        Costs 75
        Profit 117
        Weekly profit is 1134

        Harvests in 2 Days
        Costs 140
        Profit 388
        Weekly Profit is 815.5

        Aloe Vera
        Harvests in 6 Hours
        Costs 50
        Profit 85
        Weekly profit is 560

      • Thanks! πŸ™‚

        (I am disappointed. While onions are better than carrots, I don’t use the 12-hpur crops, and Sugar Cane still doesn’t beat the almighty tomato…)

        • Welcome

          I’m starting to get tired of planting my 1 Day Sunflowers….please I want change

      • One correction: you can Gift Olive Trees once you are lv. 31, not 32.

        • I am level 31, but cannot gift Olive Trees.

          Did anyone else notice that with the newest update, you can no longer buy Date Trees?

  38. Black Berries –
    Cost: 50 (+15 for plowing=65)
    Sell: 85
    Harvest in: 6 hours
    Profit per day: 162
    Profit per week: 1134

    Cabbage –
    Cost: 140 (+15 for plowing =155)
    Sell: 388
    Harvest in: 2 days
    Profit per day: 116.5
    Profit per week: 815.5

    Aloe Vera –
    Cost: 50 (+15 for plowing = 65)
    Sell: 85
    Harvest in: 6 hours
    Profit per day: 80
    Profit per week: 560

    Thanks for keeping up with this, steelowl! It’s my favorite site to reference for FV.

    • Whoops, sorry, I typoed on the Black Berries. They harvest in 4 hours, not 6 hours (making them replace blueberries!)

      • You also got the cost for Black Berries wrong–it looks like you just copied Aloe Vera’s data.

        Black Berries cost 75 and take 4 hours, but what do they sell for? Given Strawberries’ and Blueberries’ data, I’m guessing Black Berries sell for 126, but I could be wrong…

        • Blackberries cost 75 coins and sell for 117. I repeat: 117. ^^

          • Thanks, Fre! πŸ˜€

    • Cabbage doesn’t sell for 388, it’s 140

    • what are those coins that jump of the floor when i am plowing??????????????????

      • free money I believe, this sort of thing seems to becoming the norm for farming games. I do find it anoying though that the coins have sound effects even after the game’s sound effects have been muted.

  39. I think its time to delete the SuperBerries from the table

    would not want to confuse anybody


    • well, I was thinking to leave them simply for legacy purposes. That’s why I highlighted them a different color and have a note at the bottom indicating that it was a limited time item. Besides, they may reactivate them at a later date in which case you would want to know that they are well worth the investment when they’re an option.

  40. Can you use the haybales for anything?

    • yh haybales are purly for decoration and when they introduced the coloured haybales a decided to make a pac man and blinky using haybales and its looks rly good, so use that idea or try some other images.

  41. Can someone tell me what is suppose to happen now that we have the pet option on the animals. I click on it and nothing happens.


    • The petting option makes the animal make a noise — i.e., the sheep baas, the horse winnies, the chicken clucks.

    • All it does is have the animal make a sound.”moo” in the case of a cow

    • The “pet” option simply means that you physically pet them (put your hand on their fur/hair/feathers and stroke said covering). When you do this, they make a sound. You need to have the fx sounds on to hear it.

  42. So what are the dark secrets hidden behind these Super Berries???
    Too good to be true?

    • Yes, they are too good to be true – they’ll only last through the weekend!

  43. hi, Farmville was updated :

    super berries
    cost(+ plowing ) 25
    sell for 100
    harvest in 2hrs

    and also , here is little program that may help you , I’ve created it myself , and it really helps me while choosing which type of plantation is the best …


    If you can’t understand how it works you can ask me questions here !!
    hope you’ll appreciate it !

    PS. it doesn’t contain any virus , you can scan it with any antivirus πŸ˜‰
    PS2. excuse me for my poor English , i’m from Tunisia so …

  44. Items Buy Exp Total Spent U Get Margin Hrs Profit No of blocks Total spent for Total block Total Get TotalProfits
    Straw Berries 10 15 25 35 10 4 40.00% 144 3600 5040 1440
    Eggplant 25 15 40 88 48 48 120.00% 144 5760 12672 6912
    Wheat 35 15 50 115 65 72 130.00% 144 7200 16560 9360
    Soyabean 15 15 30 63 33 24 110.00% 144 4320 9072 4752
    Squash 40 15 55 121 66 48 120.00% 144 7920 17424 9504
    Pumpkin 30 15 45 68 23 8 51.11% 144 6480 9792 3312
    Artichokes 70 15 85 204 119 96 140.00% 144 12240 29376 17136
    Rice 45 15 60 96 36 12 60.00% 144 8640 13824 5184
    Raspberries 20 15 35 46 11 2 31.43% 144 5040 6624 1584
    Cotton 75 15 90 207 117 72 130.00% 144 12960 29808 16848
    Yello bell 75 15 90 198 108 48 120.00% 144 12960 28512 15552
    Copy the values to excel sheet and enjoy i have given it for each crop profit everytime u harvest

  45. OK I have new stats for you:
    Carrots – Harvest 12 Hours
    Cost 110
    Profit 200
    Weekly Profit 24 Hours 1050

    Brocoli – Harvest 2 Days (Level 35)
    Cost 215
    Profit 473
    Weekly Profit 24 Hours 903

    Red Wheat – Harvest 3 Days (Level 30)
    Cost 180
    Profit 449
    Weekly Profit 24 Hours 593

    Yellow Melon – Harvest 4 Days (Level 33)
    Cost 205
    Profit 528
    Weekly Profit 24 Hours 539

    Brown Cow Sell Price is 15

    Black Sheep
    Harvest Profit is 56 – 3 days
    Weekly Profit is 131
    Sell Price is 15

    Please change your horse is 84
    goat is 54

    Have a great weekend everybody


    • Thanks, Julie! πŸ™‚

    • thanks, I think like the rabbit those values were changed since I did the initial price out of the animals

  46. Good morning all
    It’s Friday
    What are the stats for carrots???


    • in that logic, the best product in the market to harvest are the sunflowers for the money and a bit of exp. but for experience, carrots are grte.

  47. What hell!!!???
    Oh, yes, I can expand my farm now. But only with dollars!!!!!
    Thank you, I left my farm!!!

    • You can use coins. 50k for 18×18, 75k for 20×20.

    • You can expand your farm without dollars–you just need more neighbors.

      • Okm byt what about if I don’t want neigbourgs that I don’t kown and I don’t want spend my real money??

      • how you do that??

    • Whoa! It’s going to be okay, Lusamba. There is a cash or coin option for expanding your farm. However, you can’t just jump to 20×20 for $75,000. You need to purchase the 18×18 for $50,000 prior to doing that. I found that out, money spent.

  48. Red Wheat:
    Cost = (180+15) 195
    Profit = 254 (Sell for 449 minus 195)
    Time = 3 days
    Profit per week = 592.6

    Cost = (110+15) 125
    Profit = 75 (Sell for 200, minus 125)
    Time = 12 hours
    Profit per week = 1050

    I should have access to Yellow Melon within the next few days. Hopefully someone can fill that one in for me, but if not, I’ll check back and update.

  49. You need to update your shit.
    Farmville updated a long time ago.
    Lets get this show on the road.

    • yep, I apologize for the delay I’ve just been busy with other things. but now that that has calmed down some I should be able to start updating here regularly again. I want thank all of the people who have been kind enough to provide me with the information I need to keep this as complete as possible.

    • First thing’s first, there’s no need to be a jackass to the person who publishes this. If FarmVille is so imperative in your life that you cannot wait, look it up somewhere else, and get a job or go to school. It is people like you who waste tax dollars because they spend valuable time slaving over a virtual farm. You have all this time spent, and nothing to show of it. Please, I advise you to do something better with yourself.

    • there are new crops up! Carrots, red wheat, and yellow melon. I wonder how much each sells for, and how long they take to harvest.

  50. define the profit per harvest of a single square (e) as the sell price (s) minus the buy price (d) and plowing cost, or:
    e=s -(d+15)
    let m denote the number of squares you are using and p denote the total profit per harvest. because em=p then
    from the definition of a day and the fact that p is a linear function, if you harvest the crops as soon as they become ready (t) and ignoring the 23-hour day phenomenon, the profit per day (P) will be the amount of profit added to itself as many times as there are harvests in the day, so…
    (24/t)p=P and so (t/24)P=p
    where P is profit per day and t is time in hours before one harvest.
    thus by combining these equations…
    which will of course be inaccurate if your crop has more than one day harvest cycle, but by making a spreadsheet or something and comparing the values of P one can get a good idea of how the different rates of profit stack up against each other and thus decide which veggie to use for max profit and (using power leveling) max experience.

  51. When are they going to make the larger land options available.

  52. I have to say that I find a flaw in your research. You are only tabulating 1 $15 plowing per day. I think a better approach is to calculate profit per cycle. Since raspberries are done in 2 hours, if you were to continuously plant them the plowing cost is $15 x 12 cycles not just one $15 plow cost. I think a better approach is to include the plow cost so raspberries have an $11/cycle profit not a $26/cycle profit.

    • actually the way my calcs run, the $15 plowing cost has been coupled directly to the seed cost. So, the more often you plant the more often you pay that plowing cost. If I were only counting the plowing cost once per day then I would be applying that cost at the end of my calc, instead of right at the beginning.

  53. Broccoli information is as follows:

    200 coins to plant (215 including plow)
    473 coins at harvest
    2 day harvest time
    903 profit per week assuming 24 hour day
    942 profit per week assuming 23 hour day

    Which makes it less profitable than sunflowers but broccoli also give 4 experience per plant as opposed to the standard 2 experience for plants with harvest times >1 day

    • Brocoli is only for Level 35 – for now – so what’s the point of having 4XP

      I’ll stick with sunflowers – to move up levels


  54. I made a little mistake in my last post. By powerfarming with not only plowing(1XP), but plowing and planting soybeans (2XP)you will get 1XP for 10 coins.

    Plowing + Soybean costs 30 coins and gains 3XP, so I’ve been dividing by 10 when calculating the powerfarmings. 1XP costs 10 coins.

    My post renewed:

    As long as you don’t have access to Sunflowers and if you have got the time to access a computer every 4 hours, blueberries is the way to go if you want to increase XP.

    On an 16X16 farm:

    Profit:19712 equals 19712/10 XP when powerfarming

    Total XP = 768+19712/10 = 2082 XP per harvest
    Harvest 1 time a day = 2739 XP per day

    Profit:6656 equals 6656/10 XP when powerfarming

    Total XP = 512+6656/15 = 1177 XP per harvest.
    Harvest 3 times a day will get you 3532 XP a day leaving you with 12 hours, to plant something like pumpkins during the night.

    Profit:5888 equals 5888/10 XP when powerfarming

    Total XP: 512+5888/10 equals 1100 XP while you sleep.

    3X blueberries and 1X pumpkins during night will get you 4633 XP per day!!!
    You will have the most experience among your friends very fast this way.

    I will keep on doing this untill I can plant sunflowers.

    Profit: 42240 equals 4224 XP

    Total XP: 4992
    Harvest one time a day will get you 4992XP a day which BEATS the blueberry-pumpkincombo!!

    That’s my strategy.

  55. As long as you don’t have access to Sunflowers and if you have got the time to access a computer every 4 hours, blueberries is the way to go if you want to increase XP.

    On an 16X16 farm:

    Profit:19712 equals 19712/15 XP when powerfarming

    Total XP = 768+19712/15 = 2082 XP per harvest
    Harvest 1 time a day = 2082 XP per day

    Profit:6656 equals 6656/15 XP when powerfarming

    Total XP = 512+6656/15 = 955 XP per harvest.
    Harvest 3 times a day will get you 2865 XP a day leaving you with 12 hours, to plant something like pumpkins during the night.

    Profit:5888 equals 5888/15 XP when powerfarming

    Total XP: 512+5888/15 equals 904 XP while you sleep.

    3X blueberries and 1X pumpkins during night will get you 3769 XP per day!!!
    You will have the most experience among your friends very fast this way.

    I will keep on doing this untill I can plant sunflowers.

    Profit: 42240 equals 2816 XP

    Total XP: 3584
    Harvest one time a day will get you 3584XP a day which is still less than the blueberry-pumpkincombo, but at this point, these 200 XP-points a day won’t make up for the hard work of harvesting and planting 4 times a day.

    That’s my strategy.

  56. Hey Steelowl,
    Your numbers are not correct. This is what Eric was trying to tell you a month ago, but you misunderstood him. He was not talking about the cap on your farm space, but rather of how you multiply your money by the rate of growth, so that shorter growth cycles yield a higher rate of growth and thus more money. It’s exponential growth and you can read more about it on wikipedia.com, but unfortunately your formulas and thus all your data is incorrect. I will be hosting the correct formulas and a spreadsheet, as soon as i finish the spreadsheet, on chskate.com under the blog section for caveman’s corner.

    • The problem is there is an absolute limit to how many crops you can plant. Once you achive that limit then my calculations are fine because it is no longer possible to expand your farm. It is under these circumstances that I take my calcs, because it didn’t take me long to reach that absolute limit.

  57. OK we are Thursday Night – and we got some new stuff
    So lets see if I get this table:

    1- Yellow Bell – Harvest 2 days
    Cost is 75
    Profit is 198
    Weekly Profit is 378

    2- Tomatoes – Harvest 8 hours
    Cost is 100
    Profit is 173
    Weekly Profit is 1218

    3- Coffee – Harvest in 16 hours
    Cost is 120
    Profit is 243
    Weekly Profit is 1134

    4- Brocoli
    I don’t know – I’m not that high in the game
    But I’m sure someone will know soon

    PLUS – they now have a lost Black Sheep in the game
    Haven’t been able to grab me one

    Have a great weekend on the FARM

  58. Do I have to wait to get 8 neighbors in order to buy more land? I want a bigger field and doubt I’ll accumulate 8 neighbors. Hopefully, I’ve not bothered you too much. Thanks for the good work.

    • You need 8 neighbors for the 14×14 expansion πŸ™‚

    • Can you please update all the grids with the new seeds?

      => Yellow Bell, Tomatoes, Coffee and Broccoli. They all look quite good and it’s important to know what their weekly profits are and such.

      Good luck updating =)

  59. Can anyone tell me what level you need to be at in farmville to get a 18×18 farm?

    • They haven’t relesed it yet 😦 Just 14×14 and 16×16. I’m sure I’d have more than enough money and levels for ALL of the expansions. It’s annoying that they are so slow to release them;I can’t imagine they’d be hard to program.. who knows.

      • theyd be pretty easy to program but i think theyll need a better server to cope with the excess data. (anyone else noticed its been fairly slow lately?)

        also if they dont release the stuff straight away it stops ppl monolpolising the game in like 2 weeks πŸ˜› haha

        hopefully the expansions will be coming out soon… i like the new black sheep πŸ˜€

  60. Your calculations are off. Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake. What people forget to add into those equations is the cost to PLOW. Each square costs 15 coins to plow; therefore, the cost for one square of strawberries is 25 coins. Your profit is then only 10 coins per square. I hope that helps. Sorry! 😦

    • My calculations do include plowing cost. I have clarified my table to better identify what is and isn’t being used and why.

  61. hey, is it just me being a fool,
    but how do you turn the white fence,
    to face the direction you want it !!
    its really bugging me now .

    • Buy it, place it, click it then click rotate πŸ™‚

  62. for weekly profit for 3/day pumpkin, it should be 483 not 392

    • Thanks, you’re correct on that. I’m not sure where that 392 came from.

    • Important note/question: in your profit tables (everything involving week profits) did you take into account the fact that when something takes 1 day to be harvested in Farmville it is actually only 23 hours? I have not tested this with the things that take longer than just one day but with peppers and sunflowers 1 day = 23 hours until you can harvest them. This would mean a higher profit if you have not taken this fact into account.

      • you are correct that in farmville 1 day = 23 hours. However, for plants that take a day or more I intentionally assume a 24 hour day instead. The reason is that it isn’t practical to assume someone could actually harvest 1 hour earlier each day then they did the previous day. Most of us have some sort of schedule that prevents this. So instead I assume that you are always able to harvest a the same time every day and base my profits on this.

        I could do 23 hours, but I feel it would unfairly inflate the profit values of those crops, since realistically you would never really achieve the calculated profit.

        • it really should reflect the 23 hours, because every 2 days you could fill in with raspberries with those extra 2 hours, for example. imo..

        • I would disagree, since if you take this extra one hour into account every other day you could just plant some extra raspberries, and then the 1-day (or more days) seeds so the next day it’s and hour later than you’re used to, and the next day it’s just the normal hour again. I also don’t agree that most people that play this live on a schedule. 1) It’s the summer holidays for everyone I can imagine 2) these games are typical for people who have too much time on their hands (like myself), and 3) even if you have a job if there’s a computer nearby you can (ab)use it to play Farmville. I know my cousin does that LOL.
          Anyhow, I’d still like to see the “theoretical” profits from these seeds that are one day or longer. I think it would be especially beneficial for those that take 2, 3 and 4 days because one hour is substracted every day, which means that one would simply plant something extra like rasp- or blueberries and just before they go to bed as last thing you do you plant things like cotton, corn, watermelons or potatoes which take multiple days so when you get to harvest them it won’t be at the same time you planted them, and you will have 2-3 extra hours before going to bed (if you go to bed around the same time ever day) to plant some more raspberries. Tactics like this would make you gain more money then is now suggested in these grids.

          • the table indicates “weekly profit,” which is not meant to take into account the fact you can’t plant strawberries while you’re asleep.

            it is meant to give you a comparative idea of the various ratios of dollars spent to profit.

            besides, in this example we are talking about someone that logs in once a day to plant peppers – and once again every other day to plant raspberries. that is not a lot of time. especially if you compare it to the time spent planting raspberries every 2 hours (like i do).

            personally, i have free time all day at work to plant these things :p ..only lunch time gets in the way for me

          • err i mean, the table is meant to provide a comparison of profit per unit time for each item (not dollars to profit)

  63. Sunflowers should be as follows:
    Cost = 135
    Profit = 165 (Price is 315, minus 135+15 = 165)
    Time = 1 day
    Profit per week = 1155

    • thanks, I’ve updated my table accordingly

      • Could you please update all the grids with the new seeds?

        => Yellow Bell, Tomatoes, Coffee and Broccoli. They all look quite good and it’s important to know what their weekly profits are and such.

        Good luck updating =)

  64. In theory, lets assume it takes you 30 minutes extra to respond and do all the stuff necessary to harvest/plow/plant…

    For XP: Raspberries/Strawberries/Blueberries are tied, but the extra 30 minutes drops raspberries the most because it cuts their effectiveness by 20%, you can only get 10 potential harvests a day, compared to 12. This affects the other two less, dropping 6 to maybe 5.5…

    For me, what I do is, in general, wake up at roughly 7 am, blueberries until what would, in theory, be 11pm, but usually slides closer to 12 over the course of a day. I then do pumpkin and don’t act again until 8. The second day, I do the same thing until about 8pm, which slides almost till 9 on most occasions. On this second day, I do raspberry until 11 before doing pumpkin, which puts me back on day 1s cycle…

    Overall, over the course of 2 days, I usually get in 7 blueberries, 1 raspberry, and 2 pumpkin cycles.

    • Michael has the right idea. I’ve been using a similar strategy as well, gaining on many of my friends. Employing the more profitable short term crops while you are awake and active and planting the longer term crops while you are away working, sleeping or otherwise occupied seems to maximize your profit potential.

      One think I want to note is that peppers are very profitable and low maintenance since you only have to harvest them once daily. More importantly, you get 2xp when you plant them which helps you level faster.

  65. This site REALLY needs to add in ploughing costs because that will be a large determinant of the crop’s profit margin. Especially for those crops that are cheap and mature quickly (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries).

    • well, the profit value is the listed value. However, my weekly profit numbers do include plowing costs. That way you get both.

    • Really ploughing (plowing)

  66. Hey, I thought you might find this of interest.
    On the left, it tells you the profit per hour along with other information for the different seeds.
    And on the right, you can choose how long it will be till your next harvest, then put in how many fields of each plant you have on your farm and it will tell you how much profit you will make at the harvest. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, here’s the link

    It may be a little basic but it can be quite handy once you know how to use it

    • Done some updating on that site,
      It now generates a gantt diagram so you can see your optimal times to harvest as well as the profit made.
      I’ve also added values for all crops and plan to start adding trees and animals soon.

      +I know there is a calculator for farmville out there, but I made this to make up for it’s lack in functionality

      • just because i would never notice it if i were you… “fields” in the right-hand column is spelled incorrectly.

        but the calculators are quite handy!

  67. if youre tired of waiting for your farmer to walk around all over the place trying to plant plow and harvest i found a neat little trick. when you first log into farmville and you see where your farmer is standing, build a white picket fence around him making sure there are no gaps for him to get out of. youll notice when you plow plant or harvest it happens instantly. it might mean you have to give up 2 or 3 squares of land but i think its worth it

    • The trick has been around since the release.

      Rather than wasting 2 – 3 squares of land you only need to sacrifice one.

      And to not waste money and be a little more on the smarter side of the equation use Sheep / Ducks / Rabbits to lock in your farmer therefore it isn’t exactly a COMPLETE waste of a square since you still make money over a period of time.

      You only need four items to lock in your farmer, one on each of his sides (i.e. back / front / left / right).

      Don’t use trees for it blocks up your view.

      • I tried blocking my farmer
        and I couldn’t do it with just wasting one patch.
        The fence is longer than one patch in every direction.
        But that’s ok – I put some friends in there – so won’t be lonely

        • well, you do have to position the animals/trees properly

          Here’s a screenshot of me doing it with 4 pigs

          but really you can use any animal or tree You can obviously fill the remaining spaces with animals/trees as well if you like. but this is the minimum required to properly isolate you to a single spot

          • I just trap him behind a tree enclosure:
            T (F) T T
            T T – T

            So I only need two empty spaces: the – where the tree goes before I lure the farmer into the corner (F), and then the place he should go into. You can just as well do this with animals. Sometimes he’s even mysteriously trapped within some square of planted stuff, or when things are too far.

    • I think the best (as in most doable) combo is: raspberries or blueberries when you wake up, repeat that until bedtime – you can probably 3 times blueberries and one time raspberries in that time, and then pumpkins or rice depending on how long it takes you to sleep & wake up. Can someone figure out how much that would yield?

  68. Hey, you should add the info and tabs + strategies on the new things you can plant (blueberries, sunflowers, crappy raspberries…). I would like to know what is the best money maker now and what is the new best way to level fast etc. etc. Thanks!

    • Fre,

      The best way to yield experience is to log on every four hours with Strawberries or Blueberries.

      Since Raspberries do not give you experience per plant it is purely for making quick money if you forget to harvest your crops and they wither, might you have little to no coins.

      -You get 1 exp per plow.
      -1 exp per plant with a growth time of 24 hours(1 day)

      Therefore, assuming you just started and have a 12×12 farm (144 squares) you can yield either:

      -=4 hour plants (assuming no downtime)
      1exp per plow x 144 = 144 exp
      1exp per plant x 144 = 144 exp
      = 288
      24hrs / 4 hrs = x 6
      = 1728 exp.

      -=24 hour plants (assuming no downtime)
      1exp per plow x 144 = 144 exp
      2exp per plant x 144 = 288 exp
      = 432 exp
      24hrs / 24 hrs = x 1
      = 432 exp.

      • Mistake,

        1 exp per plant with growth time of less than 24 hours.

        2 exp per plant with growth time of greater than 24 hours.


  69. hi i have a profit with the re plowing and re seeding but no weekly profits soz on with the time it takes it to mature once its life

    strawberrys = 10 = 35- 10 – 15 total profit = 10
    eggplants = 25 = 88 – 25 – 15 total profit = 44
    wheat = 35 = 115 – 35 – 15 total profit = 65
    soybeans = 15 = 63 – 15 – 15 total profit = 33
    squah = 40 = 121 – 40 – 15 total profit = 66
    pumpkins = 30 = 68 – 30 – 15 total profit 23
    artichokes = 70 = 204 – 70 – 15 total profit 119
    rice = 45 = 96 – 45 – 15 total profit 36
    raspberries = 20 = 46 – 20 – 15 total profit 11
    cotton = 75 = 207 = 75 – 15 total profit 117

  70. Some new things to plant! Looking forward to seeing them added πŸ™‚


    • well, it depends on what you have access to. Peppers make the most money of all the plants you can grow.

      • Peppers don’t make the most money out of all the plants, buddy. I believe that would be Tomatoes.

  72. I like the pineapples. Take 2 days but you get a lot of money back and you dont have to watch it all the time. Great thing.

    • You have to factor in plowing as well. For example, strawberries only cost 10, but really you lose 15 for plowing every time you plant so they really cost 25. When factoring ROI based on times harvested per day, this matters greatly. If you harvest strawberries the max amount of times per day you’re going to have to plow 6 times, whereas with soybeans you plow once.

      • you are absolutely correct, which is why my calculations take plowing into consideration. The weekly profit margin I list is ((Profit – (cost+15))/time)*7


  73. I myself plant rice and peppers. Peppers obviously for the profit and rice for the experience since I plant them twice a day. It is really working for me!

    • planting rice twice a day gives same exp as planting peppers once

      • you should be getting slightly more xp planting rice. Since you get 2 xp from planting twice and 2 xp from plowing twice. Where as peppers would only provide 2 xp for planting once and 1 xp for plowing once. Granted, its only 1 more xp per field but even with an unexpanded farm that woks out to 144 additional xp every day.

  74. new update last night. new trees available as well as new options for expansion. profit margin update time!

    but thanks to that handy formula you posted, i’ll work on it until you post again.

  75. iΒ΄ve just realize that the bigest amount of money you can make by day is 15,092 in a 14X14 (whit the peppers), then you depend on the trees, and the bigges amount of trees you can buy(having the land full on any crop) are 168, making 1,680 a day (base on orange tree, wich has the highes harvest value per day), so that leave us with a total earning per day of 16,772. that is the highest amount you can achive just by yourself. from that point you totally depend on your neighbors.

    do you picture your self trying to buy a ville?. you will need 60 days of hard work.. 2 months, 2 straight months. and for a desent house you need like a week.. jsut for one.. there should be a better way to grow faster… but dont know..

    also i have analyse the only tree theory but you can only achive the maximum quantity of 2,940. according to the laws of the game..

    so if any one has a real good strategy to make tons of money, let me know..

    i need a ville fast, my cousing from chicago are coming next month so i need to hurry…. lol

    • well, it seems the coding has changed such that you don’t need to be able to actually reach your trees to be able to harvest them. I haven’t tested this with animals but I would assume it’s the same way. In either case, the gifted items produce more money per day then the ones you can purchase. So, it’s possible to achieve higher values then what you’ve listed. However, you would need to eiter multi-account and/or make friends with a bunch of people who are willing to send you stuff every day. Of the gifted items goats so far seem to produce the most money. Of course if you’re into spending real cash the acari tree give generate even more income then the goats do.

  76. What is the difference between the gold coins and the green dollars- and how do I earn the green dollars?

    • Gold coins you earn by harvesting trees, crops and animals. The green dollars can’t be earned and can only be purchases using real money. It’s the developers attempt to make money off of what is otherwise a free game. By offering items that can only be purchased for real money. this isn’t a new concept and it’s not one that is likely to go away either.

      • I don’t think this is completely accurate, although I don’t have a definite answer either. Last weekend my FV dollars increased by three and received an additional FV dollar both Thursday night when I made level 34 and today when I made level 35. Also, my wife picked up an additional FV dollar today when she bought a c20,000 gran silo that also her pushed her enough to make level 27.

        I don’t think that I noted last weekend that the FV dollars were picked up on making level, but it has been interesting. I have gone from 5 FV dollars to 11 without purchasing any.

  77. Profit=Rev. – Exp., not just revenue. though you included the initial cost of plowing, you did not include the initial cost of the crop, which throws many of your figures off by a wide margin. I’ve already made a .xls calculating these, and your numbers are off. email me for more info

    • My numbers include the initial cost of the crop

      For Example, looking at Squash
      Above I list it as having a weekly profit of 231 coins. Assuming that it is harvested every 48 hours

      Seed Cost = 40
      sell price = 121
      Plow cost = 15
      Growing time = 2 days (or 46 hours, 48 hours is assumed for purposes of practicality, since I assume it’s not possible to continuously harvest it 2 hours earlier every two days)

      Daily Profit = (Sell Price – (Seed Cost + Sell price))/Growing time
      Weekly Profit = Daily Profit x 7

      Substituting in the numbers we get
      DP = (121 – (40+15))/2
      DP = (121 – 55)/2
      DP = 66/2
      DP = 33
      WP = 33×7
      WP = 231

      Which is the exact number I have listed above. If there is an error with the math I have listed please let me know what it is as the error will be affecting all of my numbers, since all of them were calculated in this way.

  78. Corn is a 3 day produce? are you kidding me? what a waste.

  79. IF you break it down in hours, STRAWBERRIES are the most profitable.. but the downside is that you have to camp the game every 4 hours, that means you cant sleep as you are supposed to πŸ˜›

    • well, I have it on a per weekly basis. So, if you wanted to see how much you would make per hour it would be a pretty simple conversion. Just divide all of the numbers by 168. Of course because you’re dividing all of the values by the same amount, the relative worth of each crop as compared to each other will stay the same. Though the smaller numbers will shrink the apparent margin between the crops.

      This is actually why I did it on a weekly basis. It helps make the differences between the crops more readily apparent. Strawberries may be the best in terms of how much xp you get and you can use them to grow your farm faster. However, once you are at the maximum size, peppers seem to be the most profitable crop you can grow.

      • Raspberries are 924/week, Blueberries are 1092.

        Raspberries are great if you have a couple of hours free. Blueberries are better if you have four. Otherwise Peppers are the way to go if you get tired of clicking 256 times to cover each plot.

        Trees are good but the drop down menu has a cost associated with the amount of time I want to spend on their horrible interface.

  80. Visit farmville calculator at http://martabak.org/farmville/
    – estimating harvest time from current progress
    – calculate cost & revenue for crop
    – crop comparisons (1x harvest, daily, hourly)

    • This is pretty much the same as the FarmTown Calculator that was posted. I’ve looked over the numbers, checked a few points and from what I can tell all of the information it gives is accurate and matches my tables.

  81. Potatoes earn you 345g, cost 135, take 3 day to mature, and have a weekly profit of 455 if you want to fill that line in your table…

    • cool, is that the listed rate or does that profit number have the plowing cost already subtracted out?

      • The 345 is gross earnings, the listed rate. The 455 weekly profit has the plowing cost accounted for.

  82. when does rice gets withered ?

  83. If u break it down by hour, don’t strawberries rule?

  84. What about Barn and green house.
    Those buildings makes increase the profit than the animals or the crops???

    • I haven’t seen this indicated anywhere. but it would make sense and at some point in the future that could very well be what they do. At the moment though I believe that they are purely cosmetic items.

  85. Whoops, I should really point out that most of what I wrote applies mainly in early game. Late game I’d agree peppers are best. Then cherry trees if you want to keep getting a small increase in profit, though I found the power leveling article an interesting way to spend extra cash too.

    • heh, np. I appreciate criticism as I find it far more useful then positive feed back. I mean, if there is something I’ve over looked or made a mistake about I want to know. That way I can be sure I’m providing good information. Rather then something that is stubborn and only half informed.

      • Can you add columns in for XP per day on the main grid. It would be very helpful when I sort it out in the spreadsheet.

  86. This analysis is way off due to one bad assumption. Your money multiplies not adds. Strawberries multiply by your money by 3.5-7.5 each day, vs. 2x for soybeans or peppers. Pumpkins are 3.5. Planting strawberries in the day and pumpkins before bed is FAR better than anything else. Even strawberries in the day (only x3.5) and an empty farm at night is better than other options. After 2 days that becomes 3.5×3.5=12.25 (or more with pumpkins at night); i.e. the 2-4 day crops don’t even compare to the shorter ones. Once your farm fills up and you need to buy 14×14, my spreadsheet shows that strawberries, pumpkin and rice are about equal; plant whatever fills your farm, spends all your money and lets you harvest at a convenient time. Once you can’t expand any more, peppers are best. If you don’t have time to play that often, then do soybeans until you run out of space, then transition to peppers.

    After you have a farm full of peppers the only thing you have room for is trees & animals. Right now the best thing to buy is cherry trees, since they return 4% per day, vs. 2% for the other trees & animals, except 3% for apple trees. That’s far from the +100%-650% you get from crops, so don’t buy trees & animals until you have to. I’m still compiling animal/tree stats, but so far the best gifts I’ve found are the chicken and apricot tree. Chicken assuming you re-invest the profit into veggies, apricot assuming you’re re-investing into cherry trees. In the 2 days between a 1 day harvest and 3 day harvest the money you get earlier multiplies by a ridiculous amount when invested into veggies. Hence the need for a 1 day animal/tree harvest early game, and not so much late game.

    However, I have noticed a lot of farms that were abandoned b/c people forgot to harvest and didn’t save any money; so they were left with nothing. So I plant a handful of long duration crops as backups. I’ll be at less than 1/8 my money if I ever have to rely on these, but that’s not a huge deal since in 2 days I can multiply my money by more than 12. Trees may last forever without wilting but they give 1/15th-ish the bang-for-the-buck as veggies. Even leaving some money unspent would be a much better backup plan than trees for starting over.

    I’ve been playing for maybe 3-5 days now and I’m level 13 with 3514 points. I’ve been rapidly passing my older neighbors in points.

    • what you’re saying is correct. I have made an assumption that you are already at the point where every single plot is filled. The reason I made this assumption is because I was able to arrive at this situation after only a week of planting soybeans. You are correct that so long as your farm is an a state of expansion you are generally better off with high profit crops with a low turn around time.

      As for the animals and trees, again you are expecting an expansion model rather then one that is capped. In any case while I have not been able to fully investigate all of the plant animals, it seems like you will most likely want to fill the remaining spaces with goats. Because animals and trees occupiy the same amount of space and it is possible to get any of them at no cost, then it seems best to compare them on a 1 for 1 basis. However, if the trend I’ve been seeing continues, it seems likely that horses will out perform goats in terms of profit.

      Both of our calculations are fine, they simply look at a different starting state. Under my calculations I assume that you are able to fully populate your farm with whatever, crops, trees, animals you wish. You assume that the only restriction is money and that for the most part a farm can expand infinitely.

      I saw no reason to look at a situation which the player (from my experience anyway) spends so little time in.

      • Hey, my self-explanation got ninja’d.

        Thanks for the goat tip & compiling the later animal stats.

        So now I’ve been thinking about long-term goals in terms of money and experience. Levels seem to be what the game measures, so that seems like the main “goal” other than having a nice looking farm. Money still provides a means for both, but not if focusing on it keeps you from power-leveling or decorating.

        After 25 days buying a cherry tree would return more money than what you paid for it. Then you could turn around and use that for power-leveling or decoration buying or more cherry trees. After all there’s no disadvantage to gaining the levels later rather than sooner unless you still need to unlock certain items. Space-wise 16 cherry trees also gives twice as much profit as a plot of peppers. If you’re counting the difference in profit between cherries and peppers, then it takes ~50 days for the cherry tree to pay for itself. But only after you’re at the point where you have to remove pepper plots to make room for cherry trees. But, point is, eventually it’s still better. So you could invest in cherry trees for a bit then “cash out” on the strat and start leveling for >50 days to pass your unsuspecting prey on the leader boards (if those will exist). Apples and oranges give marginally more profit per space, but I doubt anyone will manage to run out of space for cherry trees. Though I haven’t yet done the math to check that assumption.

        • your post was just being affected by the filter. I get a fair amount of spam so every comment must be approved by me first. I just don’t always have time to approve comments and respond to them.

  87. Has anyone compiled a list of the harvest times and selling prices for all of the gift trees and animals?

    For example, pigs produce truffles worth 28 coins, but I don’t know how long it takes.

    Buying animals doesn’t seem worthwhile since you don’t break even for at least 44 days (chickens).


    • since this was just recently added to the game I have not started compiling a list yet. but it is something I’ve been planning on doing. In fact it will most likely be the next artcile I do on farmville πŸ™‚

  88. My analysis:

    Strawberry (every 4 hrs)

    current gold = 4037
    after harvest = 4037 + 5040 = 9077
    after plowing = 9077 – 2160 = 6917
    after planting = 6917 – 1440 = 5477
    difference = 1440 X 2 = 2880 –> every 8hrs (8640 everyday)

    Pumpkin (every 8 hrs)

    current gold = 4037
    after harvest = 4037 + 9792 = 13829
    after plowing = 13829 – 2160 = 11669
    after planting = 11669 – 4320 = 7349
    difference = 7349 – 4037 = 3312 –> every 8 hrs (9936 everyday)

    Soybeans (everyday)

    current gold = 4037

    after harvest = 4037 + 9072 = 13109
    after plowing = 13109 – 2160 = 10949
    after planting = 10949 – 2160 = 8789
    difference = 8789 – 4037 = 4752 –> every 24hrs

    Rice (every 12hrs)

    current gold = 4037
    after harvest = 4037 + 13824 = 17861
    after plowing = 17861 – 2160 = 15701
    after planting = 15701 – 6480 = 9221
    difference = 9221 – 4037 = 5184 –> (10368 everyday)

    According to my calculations:

    Best for Farming: Rice
    Best for Levelling: Grapes
    Mediocre: Pumpkins
    Worst: Soybeans

    My Level: 9 going 10 (I haven’t tried other crops yet but im gonna try once i get to that level. And I’m only including crops which grow 1day or less for effeciency)

    • I’m assuming you mean strawberries not grapes. but otherwise your findings are absolutely correct and agree with my table above.

      You’ll notice that of all the plants I’ve done calculations for. Rice has the 2nd highest profit margin. Peppers do better, but they are not an option for you yet.

      In terms of leveling, it is correct that the more often you plow/plant your fields the faster you will level. However, there is nothing that says you have to wait for your crops to actually mature before you Plant and Plow again. I talk about this in the power leveling article I wrote.

      I am glad to know that other players findings match my own though πŸ™‚

  89. If I have got things right, one field area can have 16 trees on it, when packed really tight.

    You could add the figures from the Cherry, Apple and Orange trees in your table, multiplying them with 16.

    As an additional bonus, trees don’t need re-planting or plowing, so there aren’t really costs in the long run.

  90. How long will the egg plant take to wither??? plzz help me !!

    • According to the Offical FAQ it takes as long for a plant to rot as it does for it to grow. so in the case of the eggplant since it is ready to be harvested in 2 days, it will die 4 days after it was planted

  91. You are measuring your value based on dollars per day. Perhaps a better measurement is experience-dollars per day.

    Have you figured out that you can “buy” experience by (1) plowing the ground, (2) planting soy beans and then (3) deleting the crop? Done this way you can “buy” experience at $10/Xp.


    • Well, the reason why my calculations are strictly on a dollar basis is because the amount of xp you can gain per day is a set amount. Basically it is however much time/money you wish to spend on the effort every day. Precisely for the reason you stated. You can purchase xp at a rate of 3 per $25, a little better then one for 10. But doing so is not an infinitely repeatable prospect.

      Of course, ultimately, because you can directly purchase xp via the method you described more money = more xp no matter how you slice it. even if it means plowing/planting your field 5 times in one day, letting a 4 day crop mature, sell it and then plow/plant the entire field 5 times again. before leaving the crops alone to mature.

      What you are proposing btw is a good strategy if you only care about leveling and you don’t care about buying cosmetic items yet.

  92. All of the comments above are great. The profit margin on peppers is good once you get there. Another factor to consider when looking at the crops to plant is not only the coin profit margin, but also the xp which make pepper the best crop I have so far. I am on level 14 right now with 22,223 coins and 3986 xp. I am planting pumpkins for the next few days to boost my xp and levels. In theory, you can plant/harvest 3 times in 24 hours, you just have to get the timing just right.

    I did the break down over a 4 day period since that was the longest crop to mature (Artichokes). Factoring in the plow cost and harvesting within 15 minutes of maturity, here is the 4 days breakdown:

    Most Profitable (Coins) in 4 days:
    Peppers – 308
    Rice – 288
    Pumpkins – 276
    Squash – 142
    Soybeans – 132
    Artichokes – 119
    Eggplants – 96

    XP will go up faster with the fastest maturing crop, Strawberry, then Pumpkin, the the 1 day turn around crops.

    • PS – This game is on a 24 real hour day.

    • Update: The breakdown for Pineapples is 242/2/95. With the 15 coins added for purchase, the 4 day profit is 264 which by my calculations, put it as 4th most coin profitable behind Peppers, Rice, and Pumpkins. I am still planting pumpkins to quickly build my xp.

  93. Q: How long after a crop is ready to harvest does it become withered?

    The amount of time it takes to mature is the amount of time it takes to wither.

    —official FAQ

  94. I need to proofread more what I write. Peppers outdo Pineapple and Watermelon by at least 20 coins. They must not have thought it out well enough to make 1,000,000 for a mansion or to buy all the other things beforehand with the small amount of money you earn.

  95. Peppers are the best 1 day crop once you get it. Profits of 77 per day times 7 is 539. I haven’t got potatoes and corn yet they might have the right profit margin but Pumpkins. Pineapples and Watermelon are not that great if peppers out do the best one by over 20 coins.

  96. Thank you so much for this. It can truly help us farmville users to have a strategy like this.
    This shows us which crop is best at earning coins.
    But which crops are best XP earners?
    I have been playing the game “Farm Town”
    more than the game “FarmVille”. Both games are very similar. The best crop in farm town for earning XP is grapes. For every harvest, you earn 16 coins. 20 coins, if you hire someone else to do it.
    This crop is ready to be harvest every 4 hours. The players planting it every 4 hours lets them earn more XP.
    So, i ask, which crop in farmville is the best XP earner, for the players that wish to reach a high level faster?

    • @farmville.farmer:

      Soybeans is the best crops.
      Its a great money earner, and it only takes a full farmville day for it to be ready for harvest.
      By planting soybeans, you can earn more money, and everyday youd be able to earn XP point as well.
      If you can manage to do it, plant strawberries so you can earn XP points every 4 hours. I suggest that only if you are willing to go online every 4 hours. though strawberries isn`t the best choice. They can go bad easily, and they don`t earn you much coins.

      • you are absolutely correct. Because you earn xp from plowing and harvesting the only thing that ultimately matters in terms of leveling is growth time. Cotton will earn you a little more money then soybeans, but you won’t level as quickly with them due to the 3 day growing time. The nice thing about soybeans is that they have a fairly high profit margin and a short growing time that is manageable.

      • “takes a full farmville day”
        In Farm Town, a day was 20 hours, is it the same in Farmville?? Or is it a full 24 hour day??

        • I’ve done some looking around into this and as far as I can tell, in Farmville 1 day game time is equal to 1 day in real time.

          All of my calculations regarding weekly profits in general are based on 24 hour days. This is because I assume that it’s more realistic that you would log in at the same time every day. Rather then logging on 4 hours earlier then you did the day before. While I will admit that such a senario is not impossible, it seems to me that if you’re determined to do this, you should be using an hourly crop instead of a daily one anyway.

          • I’ve dug deeper and have discovered that a farmville day is equal to 23 hours. However, I’m not going to adjust my calculations for the reasons I already specified.

  97. Do these numbers include the plow/turn charge

    • My numbers do include the 15 coins you are charged to pre-plow the field. So, the numbers your seeing is your ultimate profit from the harvests. However, your question has made me realize that the numbers I posted were using the farmtown factors, which are slightly different. The numbers have been adjusted to the correct levels. It should be noted that this has not changed which crop is best, only the numbers themselves.

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