Multiple Accounts

May 9, 2009


Today I’m going to talk about multiple accounts. This is a technique the benefits of which can vary greatly from game to game. There are a number of players who consider this to be some how, “unfair” or to be “cheating”.  In my opinion if the game manufacturer has not expressly forbidden this activity there is nothing wrong with it.

What is meant by multiple accounts?
Well quite simply it is as it sounds like, you have more then one log in and password that let you get to the game. For games found on websites like myspace and facebook. This means creating several accounts on the website. With other games like World of Warcraft this means setting up and paying for two seperate accounts. It should be mentioned that in the case of wow, this sort of activity is specfically allowed. Afterall, why would they be upset that you’re paying more money?

I’ve tried doing this and it said my email was already being used
This is true. Most websites and companies require a unique email address for your account. this is easily remedied by creating multiple email accounts. I find services like yahoo and gmail work well for this. Since they are free and easy to setup. Additionally, you can re-use them. that is with one extra email account you can now have 1 extra account on any number of different sites and games.

Is there any real advantage to having multiple accounts?
This varies from game to game. Some game developers have made their games to specfically minimize the potential benefits. So you really have to look at it on a case by case basis. In general though, having 1 additional account is almost always useful. Having more beyond that it typically less useful but can still have some benefits. The reason
why having 1 extra account is useful in most games is because many games have some sort of trading feature. With the extra account you can trade items with yourself which can allow you to more easily aquire certain items you are after. Depending on the game this can sometimes give you extra options to store items. Such extra accounts are typcially refurred to as bank alts or mules. Since their sole purpose is holding things for you.

Can I get in trouble for having multiple accounts?
This really depends on the game in question and how closely player’s activities are monitored. In some games it’s such a common practice that it will appear in offical strategy guides for the game. In others you can receive warnings and possibly get banned. However, this depends largely on what you were doing with the multiple accounts. In cases of
bans it wasn’t the fact that you had multiple accounts that got you banned but rather what you were doing with them. So long as you don’t draw attention to yourself and you’re not doing anything that is overtly against the rules of the game, then it’s unlikely any action will be taken against you. Even if having multiple accounts is expressly forbidden. If you have a genuine concern though check out the Terms of Service agreement for the game (that window that popped up where you said “yes I agree” without actually reading anything). These are generally written in legalese and can be hard to understand but multiple accounts will be specifically mentioned if there is any real prohibition.

So, go forth, multiply and have fun, just don’t piss off the wrong people when you do



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